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Super Beagle returns to Jamaica

Published:Tuesday | December 1, 2015 | 12:00 AMCurtis Campbell
Super Beagle
Super Beagle

Iconic reggae artiste Super Beagle continues to raise his stock in the musical marketplace following Kanye West's sampling of his work.

The Dust A Soundboy singer is confirmed to perform at this year's Sting and will share the stage with veteran deejay Terror Fabulous and Louie Culture. Super Beagle had migrated to the US during the climax of his career and has never graced the Sting stage, despite a career that spans over 30 years.

According to the artiste, since Supreme Promotions are looking to highlight the icons this year, it's the best time to make his debut.

"People can expect a great show, and I am working and practising because it's my first one (Sting). I want to make it extra special, and I want to get the chance to deliver some real new tunes...mi expect this long time, because from the Kanye sample mi feel hot again, but yu know, nothing nuh happen before the time," he told The Gleaner.

Super Beagle recently released a new single featuring Terror Fabulous called Mama Cry. The song has been aired on Hype TV and other cable channels.

"Laing a do a different kind of Sting this year, and he has been recruiting some of the real icons. Him sey, 'Beagle, bring een Fabulous', and the rest is history. We signed the contract already and, in fact, we a one a di first set of people to sign for Sting this year," he said.




Following his return to Jamaica, Super Beagle has been creating new music and performing at several events in the Portmore area.

The icon was reintroduced into the Jamaican spotlight in 2012, after his single, Dust A Soundboy, was sampled by Kanye West for his double platinum-certified single, Mercy. Beagle tells The Gleaner that Kanye's sample continues to spark his relevance.

"Kanye West has helped me to comeback in a great way, because he helped me to secure some wealth while I take care of my health. Everything good, man; that was a blessing that was long coming. The music business is not an overnight thing; you have to put in the work and then yuh collect. So Kanye West's sample helped me to secure some change, and it nah stop because some people in the world still nuh get it yet ... a double platinum it sell enuh!" Super Beagle laughed.

Mercy also features rappers Pusha T and Big Sean. Kanye West also sampled Dance With Me, written and performed by Jamaican artiste-actor Noel 'Rozah Roze' Ellis, earlier this year. That effort also climbed the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified Gold this year.