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Official Bob Marley app to be released soon

Published:Sunday | December 13, 2015 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle
Bob Marley

Hope Road Merchandising, LLC, the worldwide property rights owner for the works of reggae icon Bob Marley, has joined forces with mobile apps company EscapeX to bring the singer's music to fans across the globe via a groundbreaking mobile app.

According to, the free app will include Marley's music, photographs, lyrics and other unique Marley content, and will allow fans to easily connect with the entertainer and his music. Speaking on behalf of the Marley family, Cedella Marley, the late singer's daughter, said that the EscapeX platform will allow people to experience Bob Marley's music and other content from him, in a way they have never experienced before.

"Bob Marley reaches people across the globe and in a lot of international territories where most of these people can't afford to pay for the content," she said. "We love the fact that this app gives those people access for free," she said.




The app contains the album Exodus, under licence from Universal Music Group. As part of a global yearlong celebration, marking the 70th anniversary of Marley's birth, many of his most popular hits will be rolled out on the app, along with photos, interviews, and video footage.

EscapeX's chief creative officer, Duwayne 'DaDa' Mills, said the deal between his company and the Marley family was a no-brainer, as EscapeX relates to Marley's music in a very literal way.

"This platform is, in a lot of ways, aligned with some of the messages that Bob Marley preached to the world," Mills said in the interview. "Bob Marley spoke of one love and one heart, and EscapeX gives people hearts as a reward for the time they spend on the app. Bob Marley also spoke of freedom and liberty for all, and EscapeX offers the people content for free."




The Marley app offers the first stage of the release already unlocked. As was noted by Mills earlier, users earn reward points called 'hearts', for spending time listening to music and enjoying content on the app. These points can then be redeemed to unlock additional music and more, including Bob Marley emojis, articons, wallpaper and other merchandise. There are also hopes of releasing a new feature in the near future which will allow users to use the hearts they rack up to make charitable donations to a number of organisations, including the family's own Jamaica-based charity, the Bob Marley Foundation, directly through the album app.