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J Capri remembered for fulfilling her dreams

Published:Tuesday | December 15, 2015 | 12:09 AMShereita Grizzle
Romain Virgo delivering his tribute in song at J Capri's funeral.
Wolmer's Dance Troupe (Tiny Tots) in action.
Entertainers D'Angel and Kiprich showing their support.
Dean Fraser managed to bring some good cheer with his music.
J Capri's father, Kenneth Phillips, could not contain his tears.
Djenne Greaves injecting his musical touch.
J Capri's close friend, Nailah Henry, delivers her tribute in song, titled 'Mama I Want To Sing'.
Alaine had no reservations singing out her heart.

No sound came from the bedazzled microphone that stood next to her casket, but the gesture spoke volumes. It represented a life lived with purpose, one lived with goals and ambitions in mind and most importantly, it represented a dream that was fulfilled.

From a tender age, Jordan Joel Phillips, known to the world as entertainer J Capri, just wanted to sing, and as many persons turned out for the late entertainer's funeral to pay their final respects, they were reminded of that dream and the singer's determination to fulfil her purpose.

Held at the University Chapel of the West Indies, the thanksgiving service for the life of Jordan Joel Phillips was one befitting a star. Patrons flooded the chapel for the 10 a.m. start.

Her family and friends were somewhat prepared for the huge support, as they erected a tent just outside the chapel entrance, to house those who could not find a seat inside, but that too was quickly filled and before long, there were persons huddled by the chapel windows or standing in groups on the lawn.


The world knew her as J Capri the entertainer, but yesterday, persons attending the funeral learnt of Jordan Phillips, a woman who was more than just a singer. Tribute after tribute, the audience got to learn more about Phillips, a daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend. It was with that image in mind - the image of the person she was offstage - that the officiating minister, Reverend Bosworth Mullings, gave his sermon.

While reflecting on how much of an influence she was on her family and friends, Rev Mullings preached a message of hope, one that the family members will no doubt hold on to. Reminding the audience that the singer did not die immediately following her accident, Rev Mullings hoped that while on the hospital bed, J Capri had time to make it right with her creator.

It was no surprise that the entertainment industry turned out in their numbers. A number of artistes were scheduled to give tributes, but even those who were not on the programme came out to pay their final respects, including Lady Saw, Spice, D'Angel, ZJ Liquid, Kiprich, Kranium and Vannessa Bling.

Christopher Martin, Alaine Haughton and Aisha Davis were among those who gave their musical tributes. However, some of them still had not come to terms with the singer's death and were fighting to hold back the tears as they sang. Cherine Anderson's tear-jerking rendition of Brandy's Missing You, and Romain Virgo's version of the Grace Thriller's Oh What A Sunrise, had guests wiping away tears incessantly.

Though the tears flowed freely down the faces of her loved ones, they tried their best to reflect on the memories they created with Capri and the joy she brought to their lives by simply living hers to the fullest.

Friends and family remembered Jordon as one that enjoyed living and one who lived for music. Her close friend, Nailah Henry, perhaps said it best through her tribute. She talked about J Capri wanting to pursue music and would stop at nothing to see her dreams become reality, after which, she fittingly gave an emotional rendition of Mama I Want to Sing.

While there were many tributes that brought tears to the eyes of guests, they were particularly touched by the one offered by the late singer's boyfriend, Tony Gaballo. Too grief-stricken to read the tribute himself, Gaballo's tribute was delivered through a friend, as he stood on the pulpit and listened. In the tribute, Gaballo described how hard the past few weeks have been. While professing his love for the deceased, he described fate as cruel for snatching her away before he could fulfil his promise of talking care of her.

As the service ended and the casket was being ushered through the chapel doors, her family followed, with tears streaming down their faces. Interment was at Dovecot Memorial Park.

Jordan 'J Capri' Phillips, died on December 4 after being hospitalised on November 23 following a car accident that rendered her unconscious. Capri would have celebrated her 24th birthday on December 24.