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Major Lazer concert to bring fashion risk takers

Published:Wednesday | December 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Neon highlighted blouses and tees are a perfect fit.
Tutus, neon colours, midriffs are all suitable for an EDM event
More risqué looks like this are also popular.
Bold bright colours fit in just right.
Bold bright colours fit in just right.
Tutus, neon colours, midriffs are all suitable for an EDM event.
Be yourself, and be comfortable.

With less than a week to go before the Major Lazer and Friends LIVE concert, persons may be trying to figure out what the best type of attire for the event is. Do you go for cool, sexy or comfort? Your rave gear has to be fun but functional. It has to express your style and the need to have an awesome time. Your outfit must be able to hold up to your crazy dance moves, keep you cool and make you look cool.

For any EDM or rave event, the laser and light show is a part of the experience, including black lights, so neon colours really stand out and fit in perfectly with that type of setting. One thing is for sure - everyone wants to make a fashion statement. But what does one wear to an EDM festival? The overarching recommendation is to choose light fabrics, like polyester, which won't get damp and heavy with sweat, and dry fast. Find the balance between comfort and cool, so make sure you rock comfortable shoes.

Anick Walters, a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts at the Edna Manley College, and who owns the Urbany Design line, is no stranger to the fashion scene. She has been professionally designing for three years and would like to share some of her designs to show a few ways to dress for an EDM event.

Walters is usually booked out and seems to be glued around her sewing machine, meeting deadlines and filling orders. Her enthusiasm and passion for this career path reflects through her work and attention to detail. The EDM fashion is just one way of expressing her ideas.

"I think it's an interesting direction and theme to introduce to Jamaican fashion culture, it's fun and has a completely different taste based on the genre, because if you should compare this rave style music to reggae, the fashion sense of the people are completely different from an expression POV," said Walters.

Walters left a bit of fashion tip for persons who are looking to make a statement at the upcoming Major Lazer concert, as she says they should, "Be creative and fun with your dressing and don't care what anyone thinks, once you're comfortable."

Walters can be contacted via Instagram @urbanydesigns and Facebook: Urbany Designs.