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Fashion, fireworks and more at French Connection

Published:Tuesday | January 5, 2016 | 12:00 AMCurtis Campbell

French Connection 2015 extended its run as one of the best New Year celebration events to attend. The annual event was held at Fort Charles this year, and as is customary, patrons danced until the wee hours of the morning.

Many patrons arrived early this year in an attempt to avoid the traffic, and by the time the clock struck 12, the sky was lit up with a barrage of fireworks that ushered in 2016, patrons screaming with excitement, many using their cell phones to capture the spectacle.

French Connection was sponsored by Luc Belaire Rare Rose wine, and the venue was lavishly decorated. As patrons walked the red carpet, they were greeted by a host of 'paparazzi' and French Connection models, all eager to snap pictures.

The venue was decorated with over five separate bars strategically placed, and this made the event hassle free. The various food stations arrested the attention of several patrons throughout the night, as they enjoyed a wide range of foods.

As it relates to the musical experience, event manager Andrew French went for Zip FM's top guns, including ZJ Rush, ZJ Chrome, ZJ Ice, and ZJ Liquid. Together, the quartet managed to capture the audience's full attention as they delivered hit after hit.

Speaking with The Gleaner, French said he was pleased with the support.

"The place is filled to capacity; we can't complain. Everybody is at French Connection. All of Jamaica is rich, and all of Jamaica is here. It's simply 'Tanahmanay', as Tanto Blacks would say.

French Connection is about the affluent people of society, and that is why the prices reflected that this year. When my events reach a certain level, I only keep climbing, and there is no looking back from here," he said.

The promoter also said his first event for 2016 will be Chug It, and for this staging, he is looking to host it in rural Jamaica.

Here are highlights from the event.