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3 Star Now A Soldier Of The Most High.

Published:Saturday | January 23, 2016 | 12:00 AMGlenroy Sinclair

NEW YORK, United States:

He has been transformed from a member of the United States Army, who fought on the frontlines in Iraq, to now a humble reggae artiste, joining a growing list of others on a spiritual journey, testifying to people about the greatness of God.

Jerome Young, otherwise known as '3 Star', began his spiritual walk two years ago and has reached a level he has never been at before.

"War comes with pain and mayhem. This is according to my experience in Iraq. I have been there, so when I look at what is happening in Jamaica right now, I want the perpetrators of crime to understand that the killing and mayhem are a wanton waste of life and that they themselves will not have any peace within until they begin their walk with God," said the Jamaica-born Young, who has also been to Afghanistan on another mission.

Originally from the Maxfield Avenue corridor of Kingston, Young spent most of his life in the farming district of Plowden, Manchester, before migrating to the United States in 1997.

"My songs are forever praising the Almighty God. I felt so good watching Lady Saw in an interview recently, talking about her walk with Christ. I would love to do a song with the newly baptised Lady Saw now," Young told The Gleaner.

He has completed three albums over a 10-year period, the latest one titled Student of Light.

"This album has songs such as Love Is All I Have, Ego Down to Zero, and American Pride. There is also another song, Ambition. It and Love Is All I Have have been doing well, getting a lot of airplay. They are all available on iTunes," said Young.

His next mission is to complete a book and documentary on his life, the transformation of a soldier of society to a soldier of The Most High.