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Nesbeth living his Dream

Published:Sunday | January 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM

There is an air of confidence about Greg Nesbeth, evident during his performance and after he exited the stage at Rebel Salute last weekend.

It carried over into the interview with Entertainment Avenue. It was the third time performing at Rebel Salute for the entertainer who uses his surname as his stage name.

Much like the other two appearances, Nesbeth performed well. Unlike the other two appearances, Nesbeth appeared on the show on the back of ringing endorsement and growing popularity of his latest track titled, My Dream.

"This year was the best of all because it's the first time I've ever stepped into Rebel Salute with a hot song like My Dream," he explained.

"I've always had songs, songs that a few people might know. But this time around, I have the song that is really in the streets, doing great in the streets, locally and internationally, so it's the biggest show for me."

My Dream, composed by Nesbeth and his friend Merrick Shaw, has catapulted the artiste to heights he had only dreamed of.

"I'm almost booked out for the year because as the song says, 'tours after tours, shows after shows'. And the calls are coming in," he confirmed.

The song pays tribute to late civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr, who, as suggested by the name of the song itself, would have had some influence on the artiste.

The simple message in the song is: my dream is to live my dream; my goal is to reach my goal.

Simple logics but a profound statement nevertheless.




Nesbeth explained how the song emerged.

"One day I sat down by myself, thinking I need to come with something different like I did with Board House, so I was saying, how could I do it? So I started to think about being on tours and I said, you know what, I really want to write a song, so when I go on tour I can sing this song, so the people can feel that moment, the song will definitely speak about the moment. So I was like, living in my dream. The rest is history, me and Merrick link up and decide to put pen to paper."

Nesbeth said he was happy he stayed focused, to be able now to enjoy success with his new song, and with a bright future ahead.

"There were dark days for Nesbeth that sometimes I never really know that I would definitely see the light. I am strong and I motivate myself and I've also been motivated by people and sometimes it's really hard, so when My Dream came about, I became so happy. I'm lost for words to explain how happy I am. I see people crying, tears running down their face to tell how deep the song touches them. It's not just a big song for Nesbeth, it is much, much more than that because it definitely has an impact on the people. Kids have it for their ring tone, I can't drive in peace. I promise myself that it can only get bigger and better."