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Laughter, lyrics at Poetry in Motion

Published:Monday | March 7, 2016 | 12:41 AM
The cover art for Bloodless Revolution
Naomi Campbell

Poetry in Motion 2016 'fulljoyed' a full house at the Manchester Golf Club, Mandeville, on Sunday February 28.

The MC, comedian Dufton Shepherd ensured an animated and interactive start to PiM 2016. The first act, Collette Kerr set the tone for the night. Jodian Harvey of Bethlehem Teachers College followed with a hilarious, crowd pleasing performance which was followed and matched by the Mandeville based Britton Wright, who hit the right note with his hometown audience.

There was an interesting and well received performance by Onesty from Belgium, the first of two international guests. This was followed by the musical maestro, Dean Fraser who mesmerised with his magical saxophone. Barbara Gloudon completed the first segment with a thought-provoking and informative presentation.

PiM's two charities — Friends in Need, which supports street people and the mentally challenged in Mandeville and the Gilbert and Georgia Allen Educational Trust, which supports disciplined and academically inclined, yet financially challenged students — collected their charity cheques.

Dwight Samuels from Montego Bay tickled the audience with his witty lyrics and commentary, the sensuous Ann-Marie Wilmot was a crowd pleaser and she was followed by a ten minutes laughter fest by Dufton Shepherd who made way for Yasus Afari's eclectic mix of poetry, social commentary and mental stimulation.

Canadian Shauntay Grant, the other international guest, delivered beautiful poetry that empowered and pleased. Shauntay was followed by, Mutabaruka, who was as hard-hitting and humorous, providing a perfect closing to Poetry in Motion 2016. (JAPOETS ...)


Bloodless Revolution release today

Twelve years ago Andrew Robinson came up with a musical concept. He wanted to reflect his opposition to all forms of violence. While he was excited by the project Robinson delayed production. It will finally see the light of day today as the Bloodless Revolution album.

The 53-year-old singer/songwriter/producer is the principal behind the compilation album, which has 18 songs by artistes from eight countries.

Robinson, who is from Gregory Park, St Catherine, lives in Wallis, Switzerland. From there he handpicked the artistes by social media, to record songs on a
beat he holds dear to his heart.

"This project means the world to me," said Robinson. "I am introducing it to radio stations here in Europe and I would very much like to go on the road with the artistes."

Robinson is among 10 Jamaicans with songs on the Bloodless Revolution beat. Others include Flawless Snypa, who lives in the United States, Hitmanwalli from St Catherine, and US-based Empress Tashai. Ghana's Movlaz and Picoshanty, Black Dillinger of South Africa, Inity from Malawi and Zimbabwean Mega Jani are some of the African acts contributing to Bloodless Revolution.

"Twelve years ago when I wrote this song, if I had released it then it wouldn't have had the impact that it is having today with 18 artistes from eight countries speaking with one voice," he said.

Andrew Robinson has been in the music business for over 30 years and has
three solo albums to his credit. His cover of the John Legend ballad, All of Me,
was popular in Switzerland. (BLOODLESS ...)


Beyoncé does Blue Ivey's school benefit

Beyoncé performed a cover of I Will Always Love You at a benefit for her daughter's school.

The 34-year-old singer, who has four year-old Blue Ivy with husband Jay Z, made a surprise appearance at the Centre for Early Education's 75th Anniversary Gala at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday. She performed a short set, accompanied by a group of backing dancers.

The Formation singer donned a tight, reflective tiger-print black-and-gold dress for the occasion, with a number of pictures and videos posted on Instagram from audience members.

The attendees said Beyoncé performed several of her own songs, including Crazy in Love and Halo, as well as her cover of the iconic ballad during her set.

Last month Beyoncé surprised fans when she released a new single, Formation, via her husband's streaming service Tidal. And the singer also delighted fans by posting an accompanying video, featuring her daughter, for the track online.


45-y-o Naomi dreams of motherhood

Naomi Campbell wants to have children. The 45 year-old supermodel — who is currently single — thinks she would be a "good mother", but is unsure "which way" she will have a family of her own.

She said: "I'm not saying I won't have children. I could have children. I just don't know which way I'll have children. But I think I'll have children. Everyone thinks I'll be a good mother."

However, Naomi insists she isn't ready to have kids just yet. She said: "I'll just do it when I'm ready. I'm not rushing to anyone's drumbeat, I'm going to my own."

Though she is open to finding love, Naomi — who was raised by her single mother Valerie — is happy to bring up children alone.

She told the Sunday Times magazine: "Absolutely. Totally. That's not been a fear of mine. As I said, it's just timing, grounding, information." Despite her jet-setting lifestyle, the London-born star would want to "come home" to raise her family.

Naomi's mother is keen to be a grandmother but won't pressure her daughter. She said: "I don't want to force it." (GIVENCH ...)


Madonna's son chooses father

Madonna has been left "bereft", after accepting her son will be staying in London.

The 57-year-old singer is currently working out a custody agreement with ex-husband Guy Ritchie over the care of their 15-year-old son Rocco, who left her Rebel Heart tour in December to be with his father and defied a court order to return to the US for Christmas. Madonna has reportedly told friends she has accepted the youngster won't be living with her any more.

A source told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "The fact is Madonna has now accepted Rocco isn't coming home and that his home is now with his dad. Rocco wants to be with his Dad but she won't give up being his mother."

"She won't stop fighting to try to make sure Rocco is kept safe and has what he needs. She can't understand why it has come to this. Her world has been shattered."

However, before she agrees Rocco can live with the 47-year-old filmmaker, his wife Jacqui Ainsley and their three children, the Hung Up singer has drawn up a list of conditions.

These include clarity over access arrangements for her to see her son, designated times when they can contact one another and arrangements for Rocco to remain in contact with Madonna's other children, Lourdes, 19, and David and Mercy, both 10 years old.

In addition, Madonna wants assurances over Rocco's safety and supervision, including the use of bodyguards who would be able to mingle comfortably with teenage crowds, clarification over the boundaries he is given and involvement in decisions made about the teenager's education, as well as access to his teachers.