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Ifrica demands gay apology - Insists she was not denied visa to any country

Published:Monday | March 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Professor Carolyn Cooper (left) and Queen Ifrica after the latter spoke at the Medical Sciences Complex, UWI, Mona, on Tuesday evening.
Queen Ifrica

Close to the end of her talk at the Medical Sciences complex, University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, last Tuesday evening, Queen Ifrica made a demand of homosexuals and the former People's National Party (PNP) government.

"I want an apology from the gay community for defamation of character against Queen Ifrica and also from the former Youth and Culture Ministry. She was the head at the time, Lisa Hanna," Queen Ifrica said. "I would like an apology for all those things thrown at me, including the kitchen sink."

Ifrica said the public should know what it was - propaganda.

In August 2013, while she was performing at the Grand Gala concert held at the National Stadium, the microphone was turned off, after Queen Ifrica did the song, Keep it to Yourself and was speaking about Jamaica's anti-sodomy laws and advocating for the legalisation of marijuana.

In a press release, the Jamaica Forum for All-Sexuals, Lesbians and Gays (J-FLAG) requested that the government, like private promoters, have performers sign contracts in which penalties for prohibited behaviour be outlined. Those would include inciting violence, discrimination and indecent language.

Subsequently, in a release the Ministry of Youth and Culture said it would "... be reviewing the system of contractual engagement of artistes for national events to ensure there is no recurrence of an incident in which one artiste was accused of using anti-homosexual lyrics at Tuesday's Grand Gala - the main Independence event."


Canadian government


At the time Queen Ifrica's management team emphasised that the performer's work permit had not been withdrawn by the Canadian government, contrary to what was being bandied about.

And at Tuesday's Reggae Talk, organised by the Department of Literatures in English, Ifrica reiterated that she has not been denied entry anywhere to perform.

"People are still under the impression that I can't travel," Ifrica said. "I have never been denied a visa to go anywhere in the world, including Canada." So she performed to a "huge audience" at last year's Edmonton Reggae Festival.

"The only place I have not been performing is in Jamaica," she said. The exception is Rebel Salute.




She asked that those who defend the homosexuals, pay attention to "the paedophiles." She said in Jamaica there is a great number of little boys who are sodomised every day, with their poverty a possible contributing factor. When boys give trouble, she said, some of them have problems they cannot speak of.

And referring to an article by Professor Carolyn Cooper, at the time of the Grand Gala incident and its fallout, Queen Ifrica made it clear, "me bun the pink dollar, straight."

"Because if you are saying the reason Queen Ifrica has not been performing on any shows is that it is because is the pink dollar, we need to check who is keeping these shows. Queen Ifrica is a household name."