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‘Palancing’ in the paint!

Published:Monday | March 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM
With painted bodies and flags high above their heads, patrons give their full attention.
Soca lovers caught up in the moment at Beach J'Ouvert 2016.

Patrons who were out to party from the very start - 2 p.m., marking the official start time for the event - were ready to 'Palance' quite early.

While on the dance floor, patrons threw all problems out the window, as they danced in a childish manner and as if they had no care in the world. Many J'Ouvert fanatics indulged in playful paint fights, while others attempted to outdo each other in 're-designing' their bodies with paint.

At the end of the painting madness, even the very grass inside the venue was temporarily changed from its lush green colour to a mix of blue and yellow.

Some VIP onlookers, who wanted to stay clear of the paint, were housed in a 'no-paint section', as they observed the onslaught of 'paint attacks' that took place. The DJ simultaneously warned patrons to throw paint only on the patrons they were familiar with.

Overall, Beach J'Ouvert 2016 was all about fun and excitement mixed with paint and energy-filled performances.

Michael Ammar Jr said that for this year, Bacchanal decided to lift the bar higher by making their series of events more dynamic. For example, this year featured a Soca vs Dancehall night and a cooler fÍte, among other new elements.

"We felt the need to shake up things and so we made sure every night we offered something different," he told The Gleaner.

- C.C.