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Judging of Road March Costumes Return

Published:Sunday | April 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Some of the costumes in this year's Bacchanal Jamaica.

In order to encourage more cohesiveness in the costume sections and build a more impressive spectacle, a competition will be introduced to the revellers in 2016.

Costume bands will vie for two awards; Best Costume 2016 and Spirit of Carnival 2016. Judging will be done based on specific criteria and each criteria will be awarded points. In each category, the band with the highest point standing will win.

"We want to bring back the spectacle of the carnival parade," remarked Charmaine Franklin, director of Bacchanal Jamaica. "When the costume revellers come together in their sections, it really brings out the beauty in the costumes and creates a visual delight for the spectators. In the past, crossing the judging stage was the highlight and the climax of the Road Parade and while this year we will start with just a judging point on the road, we hope to enhance this next year to create an actual stage over which the revellers will cross."

Best Costume 2016 will be awarded to the costume section with the most points at the end of the day. Judging will be in two parts, with pre-judging at the Mas Camp before the start of the parade, and then en-route as they pass Devon House, during the road march. A total of 100 points are available - 90 from judges and 10 from social media.

The judges will base their decisions on the creativity of the design, the artistic quality, craftsmanship, presentation of the costume by the revellers, durability of costume, the uniformity of the costume section and the overall visual impact of the section as a group in the parade.

Spirit of Carnival will be awarded to the costume section that displays the most energy, vibrancy and spirit on the road parade. Judging for this award will be en-route only and a total of 110 points are available - 100 from judges and 10 bonus points from social media.

In order to accumulate a good point standing revellers are encouraged to stay in their sections as much as possible along the route. They must be in their sections when they cross the judging stage at Devon House and must be wearing all parts of their costume at the judging stage. Each section will have two minutes to showcase and present their costumes to the judges. Lewd, inappropriate or obscene behaviour is prohibited when crossing the judging stage.

The prizes that will be awarded include the Best Costume Trophy and the Spirit of Carnival Trophy. Each reveller in the winning sections will also be offered a gift voucher from Bacchanal Jamaica which will offer them a five per cent (5%) discount on costume purchase in 2017.