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Beres Hammond's mentee becomes mentor to young musicians - Makes history with debut double CD

Published:Sunday | April 17, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Eldie Anthony
Beres Hammond

He is a former mentee of singing sensation Beres Hammond and possibly the only up-and-coming reggae artiste in Jamaica to release a double disc debut album at the outset of his musical career.

Jamaican recording reggae artiste Eldie Anthony, of the Reggae Embassy, has his eyes set on some even bigger goals now, as he continues to promote and build on the momentum of his debut release, Break Free. The Reggae Embassy, Eldie Anthony and Christina Grand are the executive producers of the album.

Break Free is a package deal, with Break Free: Reggae Vibration (disc one), featuring 14 reggae songs, and Break Free: Yaadstream, featuring 16 songs of the dancehall, R&B and hip hop variety.

Now at the launch of his career, Eldie attributes the beginning of his success story to the support received from the people around him. His mother, Mama Anthony, has been a steady support system, co-funding his travels and photo and video shoots. He is back and forth between Jamaica, where he records and produces all his music, and the United States, where the CD printing and other physical work is done.

With a passion for the reggae genre, the double release of Break Free is tactical, representing more than one genre of music to appeal to a global audience.

Eldie aims to demonstrate the range of his skill and the ability to easily cross between genres.

"People are already doing it," says Grand, referring to the recent releases of hit songs like the heavily dancehall influenced Work by Rihanna or the dancehall-EDM hit, Burn, by Ellie Goulding.

The tactic may prove successful. Designed to appeal to an international audience, the acoustic pop single, On Top Of The World, by Eldie Anthony, has begun receiving attention. United States political candidate Rubin Anderson, who is running for county commissioner in Palm Beach County, Florida, has asked to use the song for the kick-off of his campaign, said Grand, who is also director of operations at The Reggae Embassy.

Also, Baltimore-based DJ Reddz requested to do a world premiere of the track after seeing the promo video online, showing the making of the song. And after hearing the work of Eldie, UK-based Gav Pauze, aka DJ Pauze, has given him the nickname 'Velvet Voice'.




Another reference to the smooth tone of Eldie Anthony's voice comes from local reggae legend Beres Hammond.

"He saw colours. Music people will know what he meant. He said I have the fabric softener voice," said Eldie, recalling what Beres said of him. For four years, Eldie was able to shadow the movements of Beres, accompanying him to studio sessions.

"I was just soaking in everything. Priceless. Knowledge is everything," Eldie says, noting his time in Beres' company as a musical mentor. After nine years of knowing each other, Eldie says he and Beres remain friends.

The Reggae Embassy, which is an organisation set up to provide support through education and music production assistance, now sees Eldie as a part of all its divisions, which includes publishing, booking, brand development, music production development and management assistance.

"He is the Ne-Yo of the organisation," says Grand. The comparison with Ne-Yo stems from the support Eldie gives to other clients of the Reggae Embassy. "He produces for other embassy clients, co-writes. He's become a mentor himself."

The Reggae Embassy prides itself on being one that provides support for musical aspirants with no assistance from shareholders or outside investors.

"If there are no outside opportunities, we use our budget from within. Clients with studios allow other clients studio time. We support each other. Unity is what we stand for," Grand reiterated during the telephone interview.

"Eldie is a model client. He doesn't rush things. He's just been a major strength to everyone," Grand added.

The double album is now available via all major online media outlets, and physically through the Reggae Embassy.