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Flydie Wise Production Mixes Music, Life

Published:Saturday | May 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jameik King
Jarrell Edwards (left) and Garfield Whyte.

Nestled in the district of Moffatt in Trinityville, St Thomas, with a view of the beautiful Moffatt River, is the fledgling music recording company and label, Flydie Wise Production.

The two-year-old company has launched the HEFI Foundation that aims to impact Health, Education, Family Service and Infrastructure.

Flydie Wise, run by two young aspiring entrepreneurs, London-based producer Garthfield Whyte, managing director, and Jarrell Edwards, engineer, seeks to promote and record artistes whether up-and-coming or established.

"We record all genres of music - dancehall, reggae, R&B, gospel and so on," Whyte explains in a release.

"The company's marketing strategies involves television, radio, social media and working internationally with two London-based entities, Mix Master J and Music Media Management, along with Contractor Marketing from Ocho Rios."

Flydie Wise aims to become not just the number-one studio/record label out of St Thomas, but the entire Jamaica.

Flydie Wise is responsible for tracks such as Girlz Dem by Singjay Ike, Use and Abuse by Jah Currant, Sorry by Jah Currant, They Don't Know by Craig Ed East, The African by Craig Ed East, and Cash Pot Wine by Potential Kid.

The label is also doing some work with up-and-coming artiste Jameik King, who has previously recorded tracks such as Position, Hold Me Close, Come Over, and Paradise.

Currently, Jameik is getting rotation with his new single, Thunder Roll on the 'Black Point' rhythm.

'Black Point' rhythm will also feature up-and-coming artistes Apache Flame and Charlie Pro, among others.




The HEFI Foundation, in the meantime, aims to address shortcomings in the aforementioned areas, under the slogan, 'Facilitate the Youth of Today, Empower the Youth of Tomorrow.'

"The HEFI Foundation will thrive to provide and give support to communities through the provision of education, health, family service programmes and infrastructure.

Our vision statement is "To implement sustainable programmes that will transform communities and make them more self-sufficient so every person has the opportunity to achieve."

According to the company, the aim of the foundation, among other things, is to enhance community cohesion, promote social inclusion and develop people's skills to live independently through a process of empowerment.

Songs recorded and produced by Flydie Wise Productions can be found on iTunes, Hapilos, and other distribution channels.