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The People Say...

Published:Sunday | May 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Queen Ifrica
Rita Marley

From Rita Marley to Yendi Phillipps, a number of women have the challenge of manoeuvring careers in the spotlight while raising a family. The Sunday Gleaner took to the streets of downtown Kingston to get the public's view on Jamaican moms who lead the precarious life of an entertainer.

ELAINE on Rita Marley: "Rita Marley, she's a good mother. I don't have no complaint about her 'cause she grow her kids dem very nice."

ELAINE on Yendi Phillipps: "Well, based on what I see from her, you know - normally I used to watch her on Smile Jamaica - I think she's a good influence and she's a jovial person. And the way that she carries herself, her behavior, I think she's a good influence as a mother."

KAREN on Yendi Phillips:

"... She keep her thing enclosed. So I want [her to] keep up the good work. And to all the mothers out there, I wanna say Happy Mother's Day ... and I hope you guys have a good one."


Queen Ifrica:

"Yeah, Queen Ifrica, yeah, she's a good role model, man. Because, first to comment, if you notice the song them weh she put out, show seh she ah try put the younger folks dem pon a guideline, and her commercial dem always based on youth. So mi guh wid her as a role model for the younger folks."

DEVON on Rita Marley:

"Long time mi know Rita Marley. Dem ah good mother. Dem deh a great mother. You know? Icon mother dem mother deh. True mother, you know? But we want all mothers fi big up, too. Yuh understand me? We ah big up Rita dem, too. You know? Because we know them a general mother, is a good mother. But we ah guh big up every mother, 'cause every mother weh deserve a good big up, yuh haffi gi dem what dem deserve ... . Even Marcia Griffiths dem, too. A good [real] mothers dem, too. Suh much names mi cyaa even call all a dem. Mi big dem up, too!"


Rita Marley:

"I think Rita Marley is a great mom. She's very uplifting to her kids and everything ... . She's just a great mom. She's a great role model in the celebrity world, bringing up her kids in a good manner. She's a great role model."