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Alborosie To Drop New Album Tomorrow

Published:Thursday | May 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle

With his latest album, Freedom and Fyah set to drop tomorrow, European reggae artiste, Alborosie is currently promoting one of the tracks from that upcoming project.

Released in April, Can't Cool, serves as a teaser and gives fans a taste of what to expect from the singer's latest compilation.

"My fire still burning, it can't cool," the singer said while describing the track and the inspiration behind it. "True things in life are timeless. I'm a Zion youth and this song is just a way to say my fire can't tame and Babylon still a call me name," he added.

Alborosie last released an EP in September 2015 and says since then, he has been working full time to make sure his current project is 100% ready when it hits the streets.

"I never left the music scene. I work 365 days a year, and so, on this album, fans should expect what I've delivered from the day I started - quality albums, nice videos, deeper thoughts," he said. "It's an album that can inspire you. You're not going to listen to my album, you're going to feel it no matter where you come from."

Ky-Mani Marley and Protoje, will make an appearance on the album as both entertainers collaborated with Alborosie on different tracks. Strolling, the track featuring Protoje, is expected to hit the airwaves shortly after the album is released.

Proud of his decision to make reggae music, Alborosie told The Gleaner, that he will always be an artiste that brings the message of the sufferer to the wider world.

"In a world where music is all about sex and money and where most of the female artistes are half naked and the male artiste are 'busty' and living large, we reggae artiste still a hold the true fire," he explained. "I could have been a pop artiste and stay a Italy and sing pon the runway, but I choose the sound that represent the sufferers which is reggae music."

Focused on his mission of bringing 'Jay Jay's' message, Alborosie says he is not looking to win any Grammy Awards anytime soon.

My journey

"A Grammy wouldn't change my life and my ego is not that big to wish for one. If it happens, I will not run from it. My entire journey is my best accomplishment. I don't have a career, I have a mission," he said.

When questioned on the reggae revival and its impact on the music industry, Alborosie says reggae music was never dead and therefore doesn't need a revival.

"My respect goes out to the old and new generation of Jamaican reggae artistes and I wish all the best and greater achievements to each one of them, but I don't believe reggae need to be revived, especially by few artistes, as it takes a global effort from all to create a real revolution," he said.

"I focus on survival and not revival, nobody never revived me and I never need nobody to revive my music and neither does reggae."

The singer doesn't have any upcoming shows on local soil, but maintains that whenever he performs in Jamaica, it is always a pleasure. He also revealed that veteran Burning Spear, is one of the artiste he wishes to collaborate with in the near future.