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Entertainment Avenue | Kingpinz Drops 'Iconic' Album

Published:Saturday | May 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM

He's as explicit as one could imagine and is bound to create controversy. But then, one could argue, that is what dancehall thrives on. Except, this is more than dancehall.

"I'm the first artiste in Jamaica doing something different with hip-hop, reggae and dancehall. The way how I craft my talent, I bring three genres into one and deliver a good package," explains Ocho Rios based artiste, Kingpinz.

Kingpinz has released his first album since 2014, entitled Iconic (Faithful Records).

"Iconic is a 13-track album which is doing very good now on iTunes. I sold like 649 copies already, with sales of 200 more that will take me to Billboard reggae and hip-hop charts," he added.

Kingpinz, real name Alix Dixon, heavily influenced by rap icons like Tupac and DMX, grew up as a rapper in a land of reggae and dancehall.

"So I got fans who are always pushing me, to see what Kingpinz can do. But this is Kingpinz, I'm a film director, I'm a video director as well, I do my own videos, I'm good at editing videos as well, so I put everything in my music. I've helped people like Khago, I used to shoot Khago videos, that kind of give me experience to do my own stuff and this is what it is right now."

What it is, really, is an album with tracks that feature collabs such as Put it on Me, featuring Mercidez; Ballin' Hard featuring Tiffany; ATM (Flames) and New Js (Quantum and Kenya). There are also, Do What Me Want, Every Girl Loves Me, Black T-shirt, among others.

"What you will hear on Iconic, is authentic dancehall, reggae music, mixed with hip-hop. The genre is crazy, it's something refreshing, something different because that's what makes a good artiste. If you're not doing something different, you can't be the next Vybz Kartel, you can't be the next Tupac, you can only be you. So this is what I do and I don't take from nobody, I come with my own style."

It's a style that has seen Kingpinz work with another popular St Ann artiste, Zamunda on the track, Trendsetter (Triangle Records), featured on his 2014 album, My Life My World.

Sick beats

"Most of the production is done by Faithful Records in Ocho Rios, because that's where I'm living, I represent for Ocho Rios. Faithful makes some sick beats and we put them together, he's the one that believed in me, pushed me to do dancehall. We would work for hours in the studio, sometimes 'til four in the morning, we'll be just working and we come up with ways we can create a good artiste instead of a good song."

Leading up to the release of Iconic, Kingpinz was getting airplay with the track, Body Hot So (Cut Stone Records), a collab with UK-based artiste, Slu Dem and Junior Spears.

Another track, Bentley Girl (Triangle Records/G-Block Billionaire$ Records), featuring Satta, has attracted thousands of views on Youtube.

Kingpinz is hoping to tour sections of the United States, including Miami, Chicago and New York, during the summer.

In the meantime, the artiste is telling the music world that he is here for the long haul.

"Kingpinz is a breath of fresh air, Kingpinz is never holding back, just delivering real music," he says.