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Rebel, Ifrica to headline African Liberation Day show

Published:Wednesday | May 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Tony Rebel
Queen Ifrica

The Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) stages the fifth annual African Liberation Day celebrations today at St William Grant Park.

Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel will headline the event alongside other featured artistes such as Chezidek, Bushman, Charley B, Davianah and ELAD.

Mutabaruka and Denise Isis Miller are on board as emcees. A fashion show will also be staged by employees of the KSAC. Outfits will be provided by Africana House.

Exhibits will be on show from 3 p.m., and the live concert will begin at 5 p.m. Admission is free.

Mayor Angela Brown Burke said , "African Liberation Day is a very important day on our calendar, reminding us of our rich history and the merging of the two cultures of Jamaica and Africa. It's for this reason we place such great emphasis on this event. I am, therefore, inviting all to come out to help celebrate our African Heritage.

This celebration is an important acknowledgement of the cultural influence of Africentrism on our identity as a people."

On April 15, 1958, in the city of Accra, Ghana, African leaders and political activists gathered at the first Conference of Independent African States.

It was attended by representatives of the governments of Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, The United Arab Republic (which was the federation of Egypt and Syria) and representatives of the National Liberation Front of Algeria and the Union of Cameroonian Peoples.

This conference was very significant in that it represented the first Pan-African Conference held on African soil.

It was also significant in that it represented the collective expression of African People's disgust with the system of colonialism and imperialism, which brought so much suffering to African People. It also represented the collective will to see the system of colonialism permanently done away with.

Five years later, after the First Conference of Independent African States in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, another historical meeting occurred. On May 25, 1963, leaders of 32 independent African States met to form the Organisation of African Unity (OAU).

By then more than two thirds of the continent had achieved independence from colonial rule.

At this historic meeting, the date of Africa Freedom Day was changed from April 15 to May 25 Africa Freedom Day was declared African Liberation Day (ALD). African Liberation Day has been held on May 25 in every corner of the world since.