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DJ Bryan Carving Path To Musical Success

Published:Saturday | May 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM
DJ Bryan

At 22 years old, O'Bryan Henry, known in radio land and in the music industry as DJ Bryan, is slowly but surely creating a path to greater success.

In love with music from his pre-teen years, DJ Bryan credited former Irie FM morning-time man, Ron Muschette, for his introduction to radio.

from Content Gardens, Ocho Rios, an adjoining community to Coconut Grove where Irie FM is located, he was naturally drawn to the station.

DJ Bryan has expanded his scope to include production, dropping his first rhythm earlier this year, Correck, featuring artistes such as I-Octane.

"The main person responsible for me this way is Ron Muschette. A him really response fi weh mi reach," Henry told Entertainment Avenue.

"Him basically bring me a Irie so, if a neva him, it wouldn't possible. I would be a DJ but probably not at Irie."

After Muschette left the station, Henry remained and has been steadily building his career. At Irie, he plays mostly at nights and on Monday mornings, providing music for Lady Rennae. He also plays the party scene whenever booked.

Earlier this year, the young selector, a past student of Marcus Garvey Technical, took a bold step when he decided to try his hand at production, under his DJ Bryan Production brand.

"Mi see other DJs round me a do rhythm and dem tings deh, so in November, last year, mi get a rhythm an' mih seh, hear wha mi a go do, mi a go try off a da ting yah and see wha a gwaan."

Still not officially released, the Correck rhythm is enjoying airplay on Irie FM, Zip FM and overseas.

"We name it off I-Octane because, yuh done know, a conquer the globe we seh, same way."

I-Octane, Shawn Storm, Likkle Dainjah, Singer J, Quick Cook, Bryka and JM are among artistes already on the rhythm.

At 22, he still has a far way to go. While being ambitious, he does not necessarily want to be the target man at the top.

"I don't want to be the biggest selector, I want to be me. I just want to do my thing, I just want to be great. Mi just a look towards some great things, fi get some bigger parties to play out and deh pon di radio more often."