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Morris Day & The Time set for Prince CFW tribute

Published:Sunday | June 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM
In this March 17, 1983 photo, Prince appears at the Met Center in Minneapolis.
Morris Day & The Time

If he had a choice in the matter, Prince would probably have chosen Morris Day to perform his musical tribute. After all, he hand-picked the band leader as well as its members from the talent on how during the early days of the Minneapolis sound revolution, when he was creating new music and introducing the world to his genius.

Come Sunday, June 19, the Caribbean will pay tribute to Prince featuring a special performance of his band (and major artistes in their own right), Morris Day and The Time.

The Prince tribute will permeate the full five days of CFW as the superstar was not only one of the greatest musicians the world has ever seen, but he was also a style icon of immeasurable appeal. Prince's music will be used throughout the showing of the collections, and designers will be creating looks in his honour.

Morris Day & The Time will sing many of Prince's biggest hits at CFW, as well as some of their own material.

Pulse, organisers of CFW, are proud to present this tribute. Interestingly, the relationship with Prince, his music and Pulse is not new, as the company staged a special event in 1999 featuring then Ms Universe Wendy Fitz-William at the turn of the century, in honour of Prince and his song by the same name. Efforts were also made to have the superstar as a special guest at CFW, in previous years.

Born in Minneapolis, Morris Day went to school with Prince, singing in his first band, Grand Central. The Time was originally created as Prince's alter-ego, and after looking at several lead vocalists, Prince decided to cast someone with mad talent as the band's frontman ... so he chose Day, his high-school friend. Soon after, Morris Day & The Time were cast in Purple Rain, which captured the exploding Minneapolis music scene at its peak.




Morris Day & The Time soon burst onto the public scene with the self-titled album, The Time, which included Get It Up, Cool, and Girl. The group went on to record three more albums, including What Time Is It? (featuring 777-9311, Wild and Loose, Walk, and Gigolos Get Lonely Too and Ice Cream Castle (which included the hit, Jungle Love). After recording these albums, Morris Day launched his solo career, releasing three discs: The Color of Success, Daydreaming, and Guaranteed. Combined sales of Morris Day's solo work and The Time's releases are in excess of 10 million units.

Prince has sold over 100 million units of music.

"It was such an innocent time," Day reminisces. "We were just doing our thing, talking the way we talked and dressing the way we dressed. Bringing our personalities to the record. It was us being us. I'm proud of where I came from musically and the things we've done."

After a lengthy hiatus, Day returned to the scene with his latest solo album, It's About Time (2004). The disc combines classic old school sounds with new trends, all laced together with Day's energetic vocals and witty lyrics, and complimented by his trademark smooth as silk dance moves.