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Naturalised Mystic -Citizenship promised in return for funding Marley film

Published:Sunday | June 5, 2016 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle
Bob Marley

Wealthy angel investors will get the chance to qualify for passports of a Caribbean island nation in return for fronting the cost of production for a new movie based on the life of reggae legend Bob Marley.

According to, Golden Islands Filmworks Limited (the film production company responsible for making the film), is offering people the right to live in Antigua and Barbuda in return for cash to help make the Bob Marley-inspired film REBELS: The Legend of Bob Marley.

Golden Islands Filmworks Limited has brokered an agreement with the government of Antigua and Barbuda that will provide investors and their family with citizenship the country through the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP). In return, investors must pledge at least US$410,000 towards the production costs of the Marley movie. Global business migration firm NTL Trust launched the initiative last week to its clientele, whom it describes as predominantly wealthy individuals from China, the Middle East, and Russia.

"We are delighted to be involved in this programme, a first for the Caribbean, that offers, above all, a fun alternative to the usual real estate investments that our clients typically use to qualify under the CIP," said Robert Martin, global immigration director at NTL Trust.

"Not forgetting that by helping to put Antigua on the movie-production map, we are contributing in an innovative and exciting way to sustainable development of the local economy and job creation. And who better as the subject of a Caribbean movie than Bob Marley?" he added.

With a qualifying investment of at least US$410,000, investors are eligible to apply immediately for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda. Antiguan passport holders can travel without visas to more than 130 countries and pay no personal, capital gains, or inheritance tax in Antigua. Although the applicant must pass a strict due diligence screening, the process to obtain citizenship can be completed within three months and requires no travel to the islands.

Applicants may also include family members in the application process. Aside from the possibility of qualifying for citizenship, investors are offered opportunities to visit production sets, mingle with stars, directors, cast and crew and may be hired for non-speaking roles in pictures. They will also get the opportunity to attend private screenings and red carpet events for the film.

Decades after his passing, Marley is still considered as one of the most influential musicians of all times; a devout Rastafarian, he is credited with bringing reggae to a global audience, and serves as a symbol for West Indian spirit and character.

The film, REBELS: The Legend of Bob Marley, chronicles the lives of Marley, music producer Danny Sim, Allan 'Skill' Cole, who managed Marley's career for a while and American singer Johnny Nash.