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High Energy From ZJ Sparks, Bambino at Cala-clash

Published:Monday | June 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
ZJ Sparks
ZJ Bambino

Tappa Zuki's People Are You Ready, followed by Michigan and Smiley's Diseases and Yellow Man's Zungu Zeng, was how ZJ Sparks levelled the vibes at Cala-clash last Saturday night in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth.

The female disc jockey, who goes by the moniker 'Sparkiebaby', electrified the crowd that waited patiently for 64 minutes of shattering sparks that ignited the atmosphere.

From early '70s to the late 2000s, ZJ Sparks declared from early that she was there to "bun out bad mind" and embrace "clean heart people".

When she pulled for Jah Sen Mi Come, it was a clear indication that she was directed to deliver an unparalleled musical journey on night two of the 13th staging of the Calabash Literary Festival.

Sparks was on her 'worst' behaviour, and made no apologies, particularly when she pulled for Soca. She had the crowd in a frenzy, obeying her every command as their hips, waistlines and feet followed her stellar performance.

The DJ, who juggles on ZIP 103FM, had the crowd at her mercy when she commandeered them to show their prowess in the 'Urkle', 'Bogle', 'Tatti', 'Duck', 'Stuck', 'Butterfly', 'Pon Di River', 'Gas' and 'Way Up'.

Taking Cala-clash to the apex and climaxing beautifully was all Sparkiebaby needed to leave her fans on a natural high. However, obviously not easily satisfied, the DJ left her turntable, kicked off her shoes, and climbed the boxes, showing the crowd that she had much more than a 'winery'.

A clash with DJ Bambino was how Cala-clash was billed, but ZJ Sparks had already won before her competitor made his way on stage.


Dancing crowd


Bambino did not need to do much because the large dancing crowd was already alive and roaring to go at 10 minutes past midnight.

Twenty minutes into Bambino's playlist and only two Jamaican songs had made it into his catalogue; however, the audience had no problem with this as the mainly young 'Calabashers' seemed like a heavy hip hop crowd.

Bambino opened with My Boo and had the young Calabashers doing the 'Running Man' and when he pulled for I Got a Feeling, he never needed to sing "cause tonight is gonna be a good night" because Saturday night at Calabash was exactly that a good night.