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Nesbeth closes festival after Super Cat fiasco

Published:Friday | June 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Ken Boothe

Nesbeth, who closed the third annual Oracabessa Festival on Memorial Monday at Roy Wilkins Park in New York, had patrons singing along in first major performance in the New York tri-state area. He had his biggest moment when he delivered My Dream.

"The song connected with young and older patrons," event producer Bobby Clarke said backstage. "I am extremely proud of his performance here today."

Soca king Mighty Sparrow displayed vocal range while performing favourites Jean & Dinah, May May, Mister Walker and Melda. Ken Boothe engaged fans with Artibella, When I Fall In Love, The Girl I Left Behind and The Train Is Coming.

Gully Bop and Kip Rich both entertained during their impromptu performances. Little Hero, DJ Dr Love, Barbie, Pastor's Son, Natalie Evans, Kukudo and The St John's United Methodist Divinity Dancers were also well received.

Apart from music from the main stage, the organisers included comedy with Andrea 'Delcita' Wright and the cast of Border Patrol. Other attractions included a children's amusement area, business expo, health pavilion and arts and craft.

Caribbean Heritage Awards were present to Mighty Sparrow, radio host Gil Bailey and posthumously to Jimmy Riley, who performed at last year's Oracabessa Festival. Lavern Tatham, mother of singer Tarrus Riley, accepted on behalf of Jimmy.

Toward the end Super Cat and Mavado delivered expletive laced performances. Mavado, who took the stage after 6 p, m., was having a great performance until he began to express dissatisfaction with the band. This resulted in the artiste delivering a slew of expletives, to which patrons took offence.




Super Cat, who had not performed at a major outdoor event in NY in over 15 years, gave event host Dubb Master a tongue lashing for trying to move the show along. Dubb Master, acting on instructions from his management team and the NYPD to bring the show to a close after the 8 p.m. cut-off time had passed, avoided a verbal tussle. He thanked Cat for his performance before inviting Nesbeth on stage who seized the opportunity to stamp his class during his short performance.

"We are truly appalled at the unexpected display by Mavado and Super Cat at our family friendly festival. We have since met with our production team and some of our sponsors and have apologised to them and our radio listeners for what transpired. There is a 'no cuss word' clause in all our contracts, which was clearly violated. For 2017, we will have to be even more prudent with decisions concerning the dancehall acts that we engage, so as not to have a repeat of this unfortunate event at our festival" Clarke said.