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Dancehall Dads React to GSAT Results

Published:Sunday | June 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Double X (formerly Flexx of TOK)

Three dads in dancehall were made proud parents last week – and just in time for Father’s Day. This year, the sons of Black-Er, Greg Campbell of the the dancehall duo Monster Twins, and Flexx (Now Double X) of the dancehall group T.O.K., made their dads proud in the wake of this year’s GSAT results.

“Mi put it up on Facebook, thousands of likes and crazy comments!”, Black-Er proudly told The Sunday Gleaner. His son, Dontray, passed for Calabar High School. Dontray delivered the good news to his father by phone.

“Him call me on him likkle phone, an’ trus’ me ... .” the deejay laughed, admitting that he ended up screaming like a girl. He described the feeling as overwhelming, especially because Dontray worked for it.

“Him listen to me; him study,” the deejay said. In Black-Er’s estimation, he is more excited at the news than his son, with Dontray being fairly nonplussed. “Him seh. ‘Daddy, how people mek GSAT look like it’s the hardest thing’.”

According to his father, Dontray is hoping to become either a bank manager or a pilot.

Greg Campbell, one half of the dancehall duo Monster Twins, also had reason to celebrate. His son, also named Greg, passed for Ascot High in Portmore, much to his satisfaction.

“You muss hear him: ‘Daddy Daddy! Ascot!’ He’s very excited. Very excited. It feels really good.”

Currently spending some time in New York, Greg also got the news via telephone. He described the moment as a very loud conversation, with his son on the phone and the exclamations of the rest of the family in the background. Greg is confident in his son’s future, and has very high expectations.

“Him like to think up things,” he told The Sunday Gleaner. “Inventor, is what I see.”

Flexx of the popular dancehall group T.O.K., who now refers to himself as Double X, expressed immense pride at his son’s future at Jamaica College.

“From day one”, his son, Xavier, expressed a desire to attend Jamaica College (JC). With this desire laid out and accomplished, he can’t help but support him. Though Double X is a Calabar old boy, he hoped his son would have wanted to attend his alma mater, but with his uncle being a JC old boy, somehow that influence is the one that stuck. Regardless, the singer feels “very proud” of Xavier, an aspiring football player.

“He has always made me feel proud,” Double X told The Sunday Gleaner.

The singer said that accolades are to be given to his son’s mother as he admits that his constant travels abroad hinder his hands-on involvement.

“His mom is the one who really helps with the schoolwork,” Double X told The Sunday Gleaner. Through his pride, Double X made sure to highlight that he and his son maintain a close relationship and that he is one of his best friends. As casual as friends can get, Double X and his son plan to have an easy celebration of this transition with a trip to the movies.

“I’m not sure which movie yet, but of course we’re going to watch a movie.”