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Reggae Hill's river attraction ... A new 'something-to-do' in Ochi

Published:Saturday | June 25, 2016 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist
Welcoming, refreshing drinks

Evoking memories of Boonoonoonoos, that offered fun galore on the banks of the White River in the 1990s, Ocho Rios' newest attraction, Reggae Hill, presents an ideal opportunity to enjoy nature at its best, with a little enhancement for unreserved fulfillment.

"It's a totally new concept, locally, and for tourism," said manager Ilan Erlich.

"We are a restaurant. We serve the best tasting food. We are also an attraction because people can swim and also watch a very entertaining show.

"The other thing that makes Reggae Hill so special is that, visually, you feel you are in the middle of the jungle, with the tall trees and beautiful river, while all of this is complimented with good food and create a wonderful and unique vibe. Jamaicans will absolutely love it, as much as visitors."

Located upstream from the Boonoonoonoos venue, Reggae Hill's offering is a unique blend of fun and relaxation in a safe environment, explained operations manager, Deanroy Lindsay.

"Reggae Hill is really close to the road, just a couple chains off Exchange Road, yet you feel like you're in old-time Jamaica with a 'one love' feel in the air. It's sweet, it's safe and it's really fun," Lindsay pointed out.




Chef Daneann explained that a great part of the Reggae Hill experience is the food. She admitted that the jungle-like feel of the location inspired the crafting of the menu, which consists of Caribbean foods infused with Asian cuisine.

With emphasis on health, organic food comes into focus. The menu consists of tempting dishes such as masala curried mutton with roti, which she emphasised is a must-have; seared ahi tuna loin, mixed with string beans; and native pepper-pot chowder, is a hearty alternative.

The juice bar offers a variety of blended juices or cocktails, all served by professional, friendly waiters.

"Our food is as good as any restaurant in Kingston, in Miami or in New York," chef Daneann boasted.

She added, "The garden-like setting boasts unmatched relaxation and rejuvenation in a private, secluded haven, free from honking horns and the troubles of the world. It's the ideal family fun stop."

Reggae Hill also comes with cabana service, so you can rent a cabana for an entire day. This comes with two massages and a bottle of Appleton rum.

An alternative is to include the cabana in the all-inclusive package.

Reggae Hill is a great alternative to the sea and a wonderful concept that satisfies, Erlich explained.

Corporate clients who have taken note of the new attraction have already started booking Reggae Hill for their events.

In the meantime, cruise line passengers continue to make Reggae Hill their new favourite place to go.

"Reggae Hill is truly a slice of paradise, which blurs the line between fantasy and reality," Daneann said.

Currently, the facility is open on weekends for locals and tourists, and on some week days for tourists. However, the community is eagerly awaiting the big opening party, set for later this year, which will see the attraction in full operation.