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Title Sponsors Alcatel To 'Pop Style' At Rising Stars 2016

Published:Sunday | July 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Sanjay is joined by the Alcatel ladies, (from left) Pop, Pixi and Idol.

For this, the 13th season of 'Digicel Rising Stars', Alcatel has agreed to be the title sponsor of the show for the second time.

"Alcatel sponsored 'Rising Stars' in 2014, and we partnered with Digicel again to sponsor the show this year," Eduardo Escovar, regional director for North Latin America, said in an emailed response to The Sunday Gleaner.

He continued, "We are always interested at looking to support local initiatives in conjunction with Digicel when an opportunity arises," reiterating the brand's support, as they regard Jamaica as a very important market for Alcatel.

Escovar also said that as a global brand, they were always interested in supporting local initiatives and projects that support local talent.

Throughout the season, Alcatel will be running in-store promotions on the PIXI, POP and IDOL range of smartphones. Selections from these ranges of smartphones will be showcased on the show each week.

Sharon Schroeter, executive producer of 'Rising Stars', told The Sunday Gleaner that PIXI, POP and IDOL will be humanised, as three young ladies will take to the streets, encouraging people to "roll like a star", to be featured on the show 'vox-pop style'. Pixi, Pop and Idol will also be joining Sanjay in the integral 'Digicel Rising Stars' fixture, the Chill Room.

Each week, the show will showcase a device from the PIXI, POP or IDOL range of smartphones. Customers who have purchased smartphones within the promotional period will be eligible to win a VIP trip to the finals of the competition. Additionally, with every new Alcatel smartphone on offer, that is purchased through the promotional period, the customer will receive a free limited edition T-shirt and data from Digicel.

The emailed response also stated that 'Rising Stars' is a very relevant sponsorship with (over 8 million) viewers. "We had previously sponsored it in 2014 and felt it was a good time to come back. As of now, we're concentrating on the 2016 season. We are very pleased to be the title sponsor of the show and the only telephone brand for the 2016 season. We have worked closely with Digicel on extending the opportunity that such a property like 'Rising Stars' brings," said the emailed response.