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Patrons dressed to impress at Casino Royale

Published:Wednesday | July 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
From left: Brian'Ribbie' Chung, Don Creary and Kamal Bankay, enjoying the vibe at Casino Royale.
Roshani Howard (left) and Mekeda Cohall were out in fine style recently at the Casino Royale event.
Brian ‘Ribbie’ Chung (right) about to check out some live pasta being whipped up by his chefs.

There were flatbread pepperoni pizzas, pigs in a pita blanket, coconut fish and teriyaki-styled-chicken kebabs being served and devoured at Ribbiz last Thursday night.

Businessmen and women gathered at the restaurant and gaming lounge, dressed in gowns and bow ties. They grinned and posed with modern can-can girls, who made sure no person was without a glass or some nibbles.

It was an unusual thing, partying on a Thursday night with no holiday in sight.

Then, at midnight, well-known 'experience curator' Kamal Bankay paused his DJ duties and announced, alongside Don Creary and Ribbie himself, that July 1 marked exactly three years since the Barbican hotspot opened its doors.

"This is not the celebration," Creary assured, "but when it happens, you are all invited!"

In collective concession, Bankay, Creary and Ribbie promised that this party was just a preview of the celebrations to come.