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Siren Season: Sevana releases first EP

Published:Wednesday | July 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Sevana performing at her recent album launch
Patrons enjoying the vibe at Sevana's recent EP launch

Redbones Cafe was at capacity recently, for the release of The Sevana EP (extended-play), marking the official launch of singer-songwriter Sevana's solo career. The atmosphere at the launch was as intimate as the venue, a crowded but cozy and casual event. In the style of someone influenced by international sensibilities, the launch took the form of a

listening party. Waiters and waitresses moved between tables and people, offering complimentary vegetable spring rolls and bite-sized salt fish fritters.

By the invitation of the rising songstress herself, her best friend, Racheal Callaghan, was emcee for the evening's proceeding's. Callaghan had the job of introducing each song before it played over the cafe's speakers, with executive producer Winta James assuming the role of deejay.

At the beginning of the evening's activities, Callaghan invited the audience to use the hashtag #sirenseason to pose questions to Sevana, to which she would respond as part of the evening's proceedings.

She then invited James, "the freshest executive producer", to give the opening remarks.

It took a few beckons before the "man of few words", as described by Callaghan, emerged from his post.

"It's been a pleasure to work with Sevana, who is so dedicated to her craft," he told the audience, making sure to extend gratitude to the other executive producers, specifically Danny Bass and, of course, Protoje," he said.

Sevana arrived just in time to introduce Chant It, the final song on her EP, before it rang out over the speakers. Then, guided by Callaghan, she gracefully responded to questions from audience members, who participated in the hashtag activity before taking the microphone. Accompanied by Almando, the guitarist from her band, Sevana took the stage, singing her songs Love The Way, Carry You, and Chant It.


Flashing lights


Sevana was later awash with flashing lights as she sat by the stage to sign copies of her first official release.

"I am overcome. I am overcome by all the responses and the support," Sevana told The Gleaner, squinting at the lights of the cameras. "I'm going to perform on five major festivals in Europe this summer. I'll be leaving on July 26th," she revealed.

Her first performance will be at the Blue Balls Festival in Switzerland on July 28, followed by Reggae Jam Festival in Germany, Afrika Tage Festival in Austria, Filagosto Festival in Italy and. finally, Reggae Geel in Belgium on August 6. The Sevana EP is now available for download on iTunes, Tidal Plus and for streaming on Spotify.