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Creativity makes all-white difference

Published:Monday | August 1, 2016 | 12:00 AMCurtis Campbell
Saalima Saleem (right) and Soshea Burke at Daydreams in Negril, Westmoreland.

Daydreams 2016 in Negril, Westmoreland, carried the usual all-white theme and, in a sea of white fabric, it was difficult to distinguish who coordinated accessories and wore the best fashion.

It would appear that the majority of female patrons had an unspoken agreement that they would wear similar designs. The majority of the ladies who turned up at Daydreams opted to wear sheer maxi skirts and bathsuits; so common were the transparent skirts that the fashion became somewhat of a cliché.

Nevertheless, there were a few ladies who created a lane for themselves by thinking out of the box with their clothing of choice. One of these ladies was Tiffany McKenzie of Washington DC. She wore an Asian-inspired outfit which not only stayed in line with the theme, but also dabbled with other colours like green and yellow. The classy outfit also teased onlookers with a glance of her thighs since, of course, skin was a win at Dream Weekend.

Speaking with The Gleaner, McKenzie said she wanted to stand out. "I didn't want to look like anybody else, so I decided to try something different. I am also representing for Jamaica, so I have touch of green and yellow in my outfit as well. I had it for some years in my closet and I decided that this was the best time to wear it. The attention I have received thus far was unexpected because some detractors were saying 'oh I am wearing something with green, so it's not entirely in line with the dress code'. But in former years, I have stayed in line with the original typical concept, wearing all white," she said.




British ladies Saalima Saleem and Soshea Burke decided to stay with the exact colours stipulated by the organisers. However, their accessories and props made them stand out. Spotted in the middle of a semicircle created by photographers, Saalima and Soshea were so fashionably hot that they carried a white umbrella even though there was no sun or rain in sight.

"We just wanted to be different and not look like everybody else, and I think we accomplished that. We have been getting all of the attention, we feel confident, and we know that our thing up. We went through different websites and put our outfits together. This outfit was inspired by Aladdin, so I guess we only need a magic carpet now," Saalima told The Gleaner.

Soshea, who also wore a unique full-body necklace, said she knew the umbrella would steal the show. "I saw it online and I was, like, this is going be mad! Nobody is going have one of these. Then I saw this body necklace and I felt they would look good together. You have to be different, you have to stand out because Dream Weekend is filled with hot ladies... , so you have to make an effort if you want to make an impression," she said.

There were some men who drew attention to themselves by wearing long jackets and African-inspired designs.