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Cineplex shows Romeo and Juliet Sunday - Postponed to August 28

Published:Friday | August 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Lily James (left) and Richard Madden star as Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers in Richard Branagh’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

"This production is pulsating with energy."

- The Guardian


"Sir Derek Jacobi is an absolute master."

- The Times


Lily James (Downton Abbey/Cinderella) and Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) are cast as ill-fated lovers, and Derek Jacobi is Mercutio in Sir Kenneth Branagh's production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, playing this Sunday morning, 11:30 a.m., at Palace Cineplex only.

Lily James and Richard Madden are well known to Jamaican movie fans, and so is multitalented director Kenneth Branagh who is more familiar as a big-screen actor and Oscar nominee from films such as My Week with Marilyn (Best Actor for his role as Laurence Olivier) and Henry V (Best Actor/Best Director), among numerous others such as Valkyrie and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Branagh also has an impressive list of big screen flicks shown here in Jamaica, including more recently Thor and Cinderella. Early in his career, some three decades ago, the Ireland-born Branagh starred in and directed a stage production of Romeo and Juliet. He found the experience quite challenging, later saying that it was a form of insanity to both act in and direct the play.




Like many perfectionists, he could not quite put the matter to rest, and so, after directing Cinderella and spending time with Lily James and Richard Madden, Branagh found that they had an interest in working with him on a reprisal of the Shakespearean classic that he considered "unfinished business". They are cast along with another star from Cinderella, Sir Derek Jacobi.

Lily James plays Juliet. After an amazing introduction as the feisty Lady Rose in Downton Abbey, Lily James shot to fame with a starring role in Kenneth Branagh's new film of Cinderella. She has also appeared in Pride and Prejudice and War and Peace. She honed her skills on stage in the Crucible and Vernon God Little.

Richard Madden plays Romeo. A child actor since 11 years old, Richard Madden has become a household name with the role of Robb Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones and the role of Prince Kit, a 21st Century Prince Charming, in Branagh's Cinderella. Madden has history with the role of Romeo, as his first job after drama school was the starring role in The Globe's 2007 production of the play. The Scottish actor has also appeared in Bastille Day and the British TV series Hope Springs.

Sir Derek Jacobi plays Mercutio. Jacobi's acting career spans stage and screen and he has two Oliviers to his credit. Commenting on Jacobi, Branagh says "to see him in Shakespeare is an event in itself". He also received a Tony Award for his performance in Much Ado About Nothing and a Primetime Emmy Award for The Tenth Man. In addition to being a founder member of the Royal National Theatre and winning several prestigious theatre awards, Jacobi has also enjoyed a successful television career.

The Branagh Theatre Company's year-long play season at the beautifully restored Garrick Theatre is showcasing three new productions, captured live and made available to cinemas worldwide. The Winter's Tale opened the season, Romeo and Juliet is the second production to encore on local screens and The Entertainer will be announced in due course.

Palace Amusement Company is pleased to present this new addition to its alternative content programming. Tickets are on sale at the box office and via the web at with a Palace Card or any major credit card.