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When The Bough Breaks - a mild suburban nightmare

Published:Sunday | September 18, 2016 | 12:00 AMDamian Levy
Morris Chestnut (left) and Regina Hall appear in a scene from 'When the Bough Breaks'.
In this image released by Sony Pictures, Jaz Sinclair, (left) and Regina Hall appear in a scene from, 'When The Bough Breaks.'
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John and Laura Taylor, played by Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall, have reached a point where most people would be satisfied. They have a big house, nice car, and a great relationship.

Unfortunately, Laura can't get pregnant, so the one thing they want is what they can't have. But, whoever said money wasn't the key to happiness clearly had the wrong attitude since the Taylors sought to buy their paradise through a surrogate mother.

Too bad that surrogate mother turns out to be a violent psychopath with tremendous boundary issues.

Basically, When The Bough Breaks, is like a lifetime movie that starts out with the perfect life, only for something to go horribly wrong, bringing the idea of suburban paradise crashing down. The way it comes crashing down is usually cartoonish, unrealistic, but endlessly entertaining, and this movie is no different. Its worst crime is being predictable, which sort of kills the suspense of it all.




On the one hand, the lead-up has all the elements you need to establish the groundwork for a spectacular, bloody and amped-up finale. However, if the finale is exactly what you expect, without the necessary twists and turns to keep you interested, it'll just feel flat. Oftentimes watching When The Bough Breaks, I was bored; waiting for the wild shoe that never dropped.

Having said that, I did have fun with the movie. I expected it to be the sort of B movie melodrama that it was. I only wish it was more melodramatic.