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'Single Parents' Return To Raise Funds For School

Published:Saturday | September 24, 2016 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist
Everton Dawkins

After a limited first run earlier this year, Everton Dawkins of St Ann-based Dynamite Production has returned with the play Single Parents, to help schools raise funds for their operations.

Single Parents will be staged on Saturday, October 15 at Buff Bay Primary in Portland and Saturday, November 19 at Old Harbour Primary, St Catherine.

Dawkins says schools that are interested in partnering with Dynamite Productions to raise funds should contact him (at 329-5175 or Juliet Shank at 447-8619).

"It's a win-win situation for the schools," Dawkins suggested. "It's a very good deal for them and all schools that want to raise money should take advantage of this offer. It's not costing the school a dollar, but they will make 40 per cent of all tickets they sell. All they have to do is sell enough tickets so that everybody can be happy. And they can raise additional funds by selling refreshments," he added. "We encourage the schools to get their Parent-Teacher Association and Past Students' Association and everybody else involved."




Dynamite Productions will be responsible for printing tickets, flyers and all necessary promotional activities.

The schools will provide the venue and be given the tickets to sell, and will retain 40 per cent of all tickets sales.

"I fully endorse this project. We have come on board, seeing that our school is in need of cash," acting principal at Buff Bay Primary, Duval Wyndham, told Entertainment Avenue.

"It's not just about raising cash, but based on the synopsis that I've seen, there's a positive message that will resonate well and will serve to educate parents and children, and especially teenagers. It's a must-see play."

Wyndham said the school has been doing well in extra-curricular activities such as sports, culture and 4-H activities, and funds are needed to continue on that path. He, however, pointed out that the immediate issue will be to provide fans for several of the classrooms that are quite humid.

"The classrooms are in need of fans, we want to ensure that the classrooms are comfortable for teaching and learning. We really expect to see a big turnout," Wyndham said.

Single Parents, written, directed and produced by Everton Dawkins, compares a single mother raising her son and a single father raising his daughter, both family sharing a tenement yard.

"It's a motivational story," the writer stated of the play billed as an inspirational comedy. "It's the story of a poor boy who wanted to become a doctor but is faced with lots of distractions, peer pressure, the ups and downs of everyday living and other stuff, but his mother has faith in him and wasn't going to let him go down."

Single Parents stars Juliet Shank (as Brenda), Tanice Ellis (as Olive), Latoya Folkes (as Miss Harris), Andrew Kelly (as Andrew), Natasha Williams (as Bubbles), Kenroy Rowe (as Oneil), Patrick Smith (as Diggie), Carlton Butler (as Bigs) and Christopher Barrett (as Michael).