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Bazodee | A Caribbean musical

Published:Wednesday | September 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Machel Montano and Natalie Perera in ‘Bazodee’.

Anita Panchouri is the doting daughter of a deep-in-debt Indian businessman. She's on the verge of willingly marrying a wealthy suitor when she meets a romantic Rasta singer, Lee de Leon, who's drafted last minute to perform at her engagement party. There are sparks, but Anita refuses to acknowledge them, focusing instead on playing matchmaker to a constantly bickering, secretly in-love couple: her sarcastic cousin Poorvi and her underachieving future brother-in-law, Partiv.

No one can see these sworn enemies are made for each other ... no one except Lee, who vows to unite the two. Anita is sceptical that Lee, the newly arrived stranger, can pull off a feat she's been trying to accomplish for years. When he succeeds in transforming the fighters into lovebirds through a little creative Cupidry, Anita is moved by Lee's romantic gifts and decides she wants to be with him, just once, before she enters a loveless marriage for the sake of her father's future. But this does not go unnoticed. Nikhil, the territorial younger brother of Anita's fiance, picks up on the attraction, especially when Lee unexpectedly switches his set to sing a love song at a big soca show.

When Nikhil learns the true state of the dismal Panchouri finances the family's been hiding, he sets about a plan of revenge that will destroy Anita and her father and crush her chance at true love.

Set in Trinidad and Tobago, Bazodee is a Bollywood-style Caribbean musical starring Natalie Perera and Machel Montano.