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Huawei Sets Beat On Moonlight Trail

Published:Tuesday | October 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
This group of participants party to the sounds of the Huawei P9 at one of the stops along the Tru-Juice Moonlight Walk and Bonfire party, recently.

The inaugural staging of the Moonlight 5K Walk and Bonfire Party, held recently at the Tru-Juice Orchards, Bog Walk, was a massive success, as patrons took the time to unplug and connect with nature.

The moonlight was in short supply, but patrons equipped themselves with glow sticks and took to the trail in a blaze of glory.

Huawei had their P9 connected to monster speakers to provide the night's entertainment.


Great initiative


"I think it's great that Huawei took the intuitive to join in with Trainfit to facilitate this 5k walk, because we are in the day and age where everyone is trying to get fit and not everyone wants to be at the gym just doing reps. So the fact that we get to come out here and exercise while having fun is great," said Rushane Sutherland, a patron at the event.

The Huawei P9 stood up to the challenge and set the beat for the night.

Patrons were surprise that the live music that was being provided was from the phone, as many stopped along the trail to confirm and check to see where the music was coming from.

Huawei has been promoting the P9 and the 5k was a great medium to show what the phone is all about.

"The event was a total success and Huawei Jamaica is happy to be associated with such an event. We would not hesitate to pledge the company's participation in future events. The 5k walk went beyond the regular mundane 5k, but served as a medium to educate patrons about the joy of connecting with each other and nature without the use of technology," said Chrysta Walker, marketing manager, Huawei Jamaica.

She added, "There were no winners or losers in the 5k walk and that's what made it different; everyone was enjoying each other's company and living in the moment. The party stops all had a different genre of music, which gave patrons a chance to rest for a while and enjoy the music until the next stop. At the end of the walk, patrons sat around the bonfire as they reflected on things past and present. The Moonlight Walk and Bonfire looks to be an event that should be marked in everyone's calendar."