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Jamaica Youth for Christ launches ‘Genesis 2017’

Published:Monday | December 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMMarcia Rowe
Acts for Genesis Portmore Invasion: Levy’s Heritage, Lubert Levy, Soul Touch Ministry and (at back) Lucas Musiq.

The Jamaica Youth for Christ (JYC), organisers of the annual gospel concert, Genesis, will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2017. And in light of this major milestone, the 30th staging of Genesis on January 1, 2017 will signal the beginning of the celebration.

There will be two concerts, Montego Bay Genesis and Genesis Portmore Invasion. Both are scheduled to commence at 10 p.m., on New Year's Day, instead of the customary 1 a.m. starting time. The organisers further explained that this was because New Year's Eve 2016 falls on a Saturday and the new time will facilitate people attending their respective New Year's church services. The concerts are also scheduled to end at 6 a.m., on the Monday.

This and more were revealed at the media launch of Genesis 2017, recently, at a very unusual venue, Truck Stop Grill and Bar, located on West Kings House Road.

Reverend Dexter Johnson, national director, JYC, explained the unusual venue for the launch.

"They (Truck Stop Grill and Bar) are our sponsor and one of the things we remember is by large, they are also restaurant, and when you are doing ministry, you want to ensure you reach people wherever they are, and so this is a nice new location. It is a little different, but one thing with the Youth for Christ Ministry over the years, we have been able to get into new territories and take it over for Christ."

Albeit, the time allowed for ministry on this occasion, was short. The programme that commenced with the expected prayer, saw very brief remarks from various stakeholders and a taste of the musical gospel feast from Lubert Levy and Lucas Musiq. They are both scheduled to perform at Genesis Portmore Invasion.

In delivering his opening remarks, Rev Johnson said he was looking forward to a wonderful ministry in music. While Genesis coordinator, Kemar Guyah, who was very brief, added that Genesis "is happening" and in giving greetings, a representative of the Youth for Christ Board, Dr Thomas said Youth for Christ is here to stay.




"Lives are being transformed, and Genesis is here to stay, and we look to the Lord."

He also noted that a number of gospel artistes started their musical career at Genesis "and so Genesis is a platform that exposed young talents, and to nurture them, and see them grow".

Levy and Lucas Musiq are two of such artistes. Lucas Musiq first performed at Genesis 2016. But he was only recently baptised and so was nervous, he shared with The Gleaner. For the 2017 version, he is "looking forward to a longer time onstage".

On the other hand, Levy, first performed in 2009. In 2016, he performed just before closing act Goddy Goddy. He too is looking forward to performing at the 2017 staging. This year, his offspring - Levy's Heritage - also present at the launch, are among the line-up.

Speaking on behalf of his siblings, Ovando Levy, said "Levy's Heritage will be bringing a new and more mature sound. Come and hear how God has inspired us to lead. We are looking forward to a new level of ministry."

While Lubert is "looking forward to the message, the niceness of giving God the Kingdom, new artiste, new works, new message. And the people must come vibrant; and come willing like them want to praise God. Come with a Zeal and attitude of praise to God."

Other acts like Kevin Downswell, Goddy Goddy and Chozenn will be performing at the Portmore show, at SouthBorough Primary School. The Montego Bay concert will be held at the Montego Bay Community College auditorium. The acts include DJ Nicholas, Keesa Peart and Marsha Jarrett. Also, part proceeds from the concert will go to the Ultimate Care Centre for the Age.