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Animals put on quite a show in ‘Sing’

Published:Monday | December 26, 2016 | 12:02 AMDamian Levy
Contributed The world’s greatest singing competition goes down in ‘Sing’.


I almost said 'Sing' is a 'talking animals' movie, but of course, it's a 'singing animals' movie.

It tells the story of the Koala Bear - Buster Moon - a theatre owner who loves his job, but isn't very good at it. After his beloved theatre is under threat of repossession by the bank, he decides to put on one last big show to save it. A singing competition, where the winner can get fortune and fame and one thousand dollars! However, due a typo, he ends up offering $100,000. Of course, by the time he realises this, it's too late to apologise.

I like talent show films, but very often I don't see any good ones. They're often predictable, and very cynical, trying to show the dark side to the life of fame that so many people covet. 'Sing' is just as predictable, but a much more hopeful film, keeping the message of "You can do anything you set your mind to", and delivers some genuinely entertaining performances. I'd say its charm is due to them all being animals, but the species of the characters is almost an afterthought

There are a few moments of humour based on the animal's shapes and sizes, like the fact that Buster Moon is so small, he can ride his set. Mostly the comedy lies in how much can go wrong before the big show. This was perfect as I'm not sure how many more animal based puns I could stomach. In any case, while 'Sing' is a decent comedy, its real strength is in its characters.

Each of the characters in this movie has a story, and you get to see the dynamics of that story play out. You see their lives before the talent show, how it gets affected during the show, and the payoff once the performance is done. Each one of those stories is fleshed out, making you invested in the characters and gives impactful moments that you feel as much as they do.

In a year chock full of animated films with talking animals, 'Sing' possibly has the most heart. The songs range from Golden Slumbers, by 'The Beatles' to Shake It Off, by 'Taylor Swift', so your music tastes will probably be covered. It's very cute and very charming and perfect for an afternoon matinee.