Thu | Jul 19, 2018

A fulfilling night at Genesis 2017

Published:Tuesday | January 3, 2017 | 12:00 AMMarcia Rowe

When the curtains closed on Genesis 2017, early Tuesday morning, the large number of unoccupied chairs only told the story of the size of the gathering. They would not be able to tell that for approximately eight hours, its occupants were treated to some compelling testimonies in dance, mime, and song - a strong dose of hope and inspiration, for 2017. But their occupants would have.

Once again, the quadrangle at the Portmore-based Southborough Primary School, was the venue for the 30th staging of the Jamaica Youth for Christ-organised event, dubbed 'The Portmore Invasion'. Many young Christians responded to the call. Among them were two high school students, Taneil Campbell and Shavouya Carson. Both attending the event for the first time and thought the event and experience was great.

"It was great, I never felt tired even though we were here from 10 a.m., and its now 6 p.m. And I still feel great," Campbell expressed. Carson, who arrived at the venue two hours prior to her schoolmate, also shared similar sentiment.

Contributing to the great experience of the two females and others, was the powerful ministry given by all the performers. They delivered messages of declaration, belief, and acceptance that 2017 is the year of change. "There is a shift" a few ministered.




And the group, Gifted Youth Ministry, showed through mime, that miracles can happen, but it was Downswell and Chozenn, who elaborated in spoken word and song.

Downswell's powerful ministry brought out the tears and some soul searching. He commanded the full attention of his congregation in a nicely controlled and tempered tone and followed up his words with effective supporting songs.

Between delivering songs such as Speak Over My Life, Today Gonna Be Beautiful, and Fix Up Your Face, Chozenn, the younger gospel artiste, also spoke words of encouragement and prophecy.

On the other hand, Goddy Goddy, Lubert Levy, Levy's Heritage, URIM 7, and Soul Touch, while staying on message, opted for an engagement with the audience in a different kind. The audience was encouraged to dance and sing away the devil and all negative things from 2016.

Excellent ministering came from Keesa Peart and Perpetual Sound of Praise. Peart, who performed early on the programme, was passionate in her delivery of Hold On, I Know I will Make It, and her closing number, In the Twinkling of an Eye. Perpetual Sound of Praise, performed after Downswell's very powerful ministry, continued in the same vein with, The Great I Am, among others.

Overall, Genesis 2017 was an tightly run show and not even the request by authorities to lower the volume in the closing hours, could stop the flow of praises and outpouring of blessing from the many hearts.

However, the curtains may have closed on Genesis, but the Jamaica Youth for Christ will be continuing the celebration of its 70th anniversary. One upcoming event will be to produce the organisation's third movie, Reverend Dexter Johnson announced in his brief welcome.

MCs for the event were Nadine Blair and Omar Lettford.