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37 Pulse-ating years

Published:Tuesday | January 10, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small
DJ Sanjay at the controls.
The party train chugs along.
This bartender pours an an attendee a drink during Sunday’s Pulse 37th anniversary celebration party at Villa Ronai, Stony Hill, St Andrew.
The open bar and those who took care of the people who particiapared in the spirits on Sunday night at Villa Ronai, Stony Hill, St Andrew.
Nadine Sutherland (right) and Joan Webley shake a leg at Sunday's Pulse 37th anniversary celebration party, held at Villa Ronai, Stony Hill, St Andrew.
Romae Gordon (left), Kingsley Cooper (centre) and Safia Cooper at Pulse's 37th anniversary party, held on Sunday at Villa Ronai, Stony Hill, St Andrew.

January means more to the proprietors of Pulse Investments than being the first month of a new calendar year. It is the anniversary marker of an outstanding Caribbean modelling agency.

Kingsley Cooper, his daughter (and successor), Safia Cooper, and Romae Gordon executed a swanky soiree in the hills of St Andrew, in celebration of Pulse Modelling Agency's 37th anniversary. On Sunday, they invited friends and supporters of Pulse Modelling Agency and conducted their premiere party in the spirit of celebration. The opportunity was also used to highlight the success of their latest sensation, 'The Perfect Canvas', Alicia Burke.

Since winning Pulse's Caribbean Model Search, Burke's career has ballooned rapidly and has the international fashion community abuzz. Recently, Burke was identified as the first Caribbean model to grace the cover of the highly regarded fashion magazine, Italian Vogue.

Although she was advertised as the event's guest of honour, the sensational supermodel was a no-show. When The Gleaner sought to uncover why Burke was missing, it was reported that she had been was called away on short notice to do a job for Ralph Lauren.

Nevertheless, the celebrations went on. The gates opened at 6 p.m., with most of the party people arriving about an hour thereafter. Some entered the space with rhythm in their steps, shimmying with cheerful abandon towards the open bar, and the partygoers revelled until midnight.

DJ Sanjay controlled the turntables and opened the dance floor with retro hits spanning from the '70s and going all the way to the early 'noughties'.