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Young stalwarts launch Xaymaca International for carnival in Jamaica

Published:Thursday | January 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Kandi King, Xaymaca director and band leader, dons the frontline costume of her band section.

Xaymaca (pronounced Za-my-ka) International is poised to launch Jamaica's newest carnival band for the April 23 annual road march. With the announcement of this unprecedented cooler fÍte and launch on Saturday, January 21, at the Constant Spring Golf Club, Xaymaca director, event promoter and Sleek CEO, Andrew Bellamy, the visionary behind Xaymaca International, says he saw the need to provide an ego-free, masquerader-focused, authentically fun carnival experience, thus Xaymaca International was conceptualised.

With a word that means "land of wood and water and the former name of our island Jamaica," Bellamy has brought together a team of young, energetic players within the carnival sphere. The team, comprising Ian Bourne (of I Love Soca and Sunrise Breakfast Party fame) Akil Strachan and Steven Lofters (of Soca vs Dancehall, and Carnival Website LehWeGo), Kandi King (owner of Karnival by Kandi), Mark Lalor and popular soca disc jockey Richie Ras, was assembled to create what he dubs the "game changers" of carnival in Jamaica.

"When I looked at the trajectory that carnival in Jamaica was on, I realised there was a need for fresh ideas that were in line with international carnival trends; so I contacted some of the most influential persons that I know can facilitate the growth of carnival in Jamaica, I ended up with a team that boasts over 30 years of combined experience in production, event planning and management," said Bellamy.

On Saturday night, Xaymaca International will showcase "the sexiest costumes with the most aesthetically pleasing options for masqueraders of all body types and nationalities, designed and marketed by the best and most talented designers from Jamaica and the Caribbean region," boasts Xaymaca co-director Kandi King. King touted the artistic design skills of the seven designers within the band: Shawn Dhanraj, Keisha Als, Sandra Hordatt (from Trinidad and Tobago); Dania Beckford (Broadtail Designs); full-figured swimwear designer from Jamaica and Fonrose and 1dividual, also from Trinidad.

Patrons should anticipate delving into the unadulterated soca musical styling of DJ Richie Ras, DJ Franco and DJ J.Lava, topped by the vibrant antics of Trinidad radio show host Jason 'JW' Williams. All are advised to come out early with their coolers and their crew to make an unforgettable memory as they experience the launch of a new era of the carnival road march in Jamaica. One that is epitomised by a luxurious lunch experience, seamless registration and distribution processes, innovation in design trends and, most of all, being a part of a team with the sole focus of satisfying the entertainment needs of all revelers.

Follow the Xaymaca International social media pages for more information, as registration for costumes will begin at the launch on Saturday, January 21, and also via the website that goes live on launch night.