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Xaymaca gets Bolt of energy - New outfit presents costumes at Constant Spring Golf Club

Published:Tuesday | January 24, 2017 | 12:03 AMKimberley Small
The wings are spread on a Xaymaca International Band costume.
Xaymaca International Band costumes on display at the Constant Spring Golf Club, St Andrew, on Saturday.
The carnival spirit takes over at the Xaymaca International Band launch.
Usain Bolt (third left) with members and supporters of the Xaymaca team at the band’s costume launch, held on Saturday at the Constant Sping Golf Club, St Andrew. From left are Andrew Bellamy, Dean Ackin, Kerry Gibbons, Ian Bourne and John Outridge(l-r) Andrew Bellamy, Dean Ackin, Kerry Gibbons, Ian Bourne, John Outridge
How good and pleasant it was for brethren to share the revelry of carnival at Saturday’s Xaymaca International Band launch, held at the Constant Spring Golf Club, St Andrew.
A female and male model show costumes for the Xaymaca International Band.

On Saturday night, Xaymaca International Band hosted their first official event at the Constant Spring Golf Club, St Andrew. They have secured the support of a famous Jamaican face, Usain Bolt. "That's the guy right there," Bolt told The Gleaner at the launch event, beckoning for Ian Bourne to join him. "He is gonna make sure I jump with them," he said.

The Xaymaca concept has been stewing for a while, Andrew Bellamy told The Gleaner. "I kinda hesitated. I wasn't sure if the market was ready, but after 2016 I realised that Jamaica is about to explode," he said. Now he has launched the third of four bands expected to be rolling down the road this Carnival season.

The premiere of the seven costume sections, scheduled for midnight, began 45 minutes late before an audience more focused on recording the costumes rather than cheering the models and their feathery vestments.

The party promoter-turned- politician said he felt a calling to organise the right team. "All of the players, all of my partners, are very 'intergalactic' in making this a success. And clearly, the partnership with Tribe, that only makes it greater," Bellamy said.

Xaymaca International will have the support of Trinidad and Tobago's Dean Ackin. After he took leadership of Tribe Carnival in 2012, Forbes magazine listed Ackin as one of the top 10 carnival entrepreneurs.

Bellamy's other partners for the management of Xaymaca International are Ian Bourne (I Love Soca, Sunrise Breakfast Party), Akil Strachan and Steven Lofters (Soca vs Dancehall, LehWeGo), Kandi King (Karnival by Kandi), Mark Lalor and DJ Richie Ras.

"Our team is young, creative and has a lot of energy; and Tribe brings a lot of experience and guidance," Bellamy said. "When you combine that, we have a very solid band and we have perfect offerings for people in the carnival realm."

The Xaymaca launch was hosted by JW of Trinidad and Tobago and supported with food by Pita Grill.