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JAMMS expects full compliance for carnival season

Published:Wednesday | January 25, 2017 | 12:25 AMKimberley Small
A model shows off one of the costumes during the Bacchanal Fete and Band Launch recently.
Tifa performing at the recent Bacchanal Fete and Band Launch.
Evon Mullings

Though the MPM Waste Management Limited, the corporate arm of the National Solid Waste Management Authority, has expressed concerns regarding the increase in pedestrian traffic for this year’s carnival season, the Jamaica Music Society (JAMMS) said it can foresee no issues in acquiring the required applications from all the bands expected to hit the road this year.

E.M. Mullings, general manager of JAMMS, told The Gleaner that applications from thousands of event promoters are processed each year.

“With the addition of three more carnival events to the calendar, there are no additional or special measures that we will be putting in place to handle those applications,” Mullings said.

“We have an established relationship with three of the four promoters concerned, arising from them obtaining permits from JAMMS in relation to other events promoted by them, historically, and even in recent times. As a result, we do not anticipate any undue difficulties in executing permits for these upcoming events,” he continued.

VIDEO: Xaymaca Band launch

Mullings expressed his pleasure at the compliance of local promoters, particularly from Bacchanal Jamaica, and noted that it has become a staple event for the society.

“Bacchanal Jamaica is now a staple on the carnival season calendar. They apply early for the permits and they always pay the requisite licence fees on time,” he said, before acknowledging the additional carnival season promoters this year.

“These promoters know the value of music to the success of their endeavours. They know that music is the essential ingredient to staging their events, and as such, continue to show respect to the creators and owners of the music through compliance with JAMMS,” Mullings said.

As it relates to monitoring these events, JAMMS has a team of licensing officers who attend events, identifying where there may be a need to verify event details or to observe compliance with certain terms of the permit.