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Freemynz Giving You 'Dat Rush'

Published:Saturday | March 4, 2017 | 12:00 AMLeighton Levy

After working in the music industry for many years, friends Dennis Llewellyn and David Nevin - Trex and Catapila - have released their first single together. The song is called

Dat Rush and looks set to be a winner for the duo, which calls itself Freemynz.

Dat Rush is a dancehall song that they wrote. It was produced by John FX and released by VPAL. It is available on several digital platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Google. They expect the song to have a broad appeal because it speaks to things that so many people have in common.

"Dat Rush was more of a commercial for a supercar club from a pop perspective. It eventually turned into a dancehall thing because we are Jamaican and we are not letting go of our Jamaican roots, so that's how it came about," said Trex, who has been living in New York for several years.




"The concept of Dat Rush is cars, speed, and girls. Nuff man tek dem car for all dem girl, and that gives them that rush. When you drive a fast car you get the rush, which is like when you are with a lovely lady that you love so much that blood that flows and rushes through your body and gives you shivers. That is what Dat Rush is about," added Catapila, who has been based in Japan for more than a decade.

The two spent the past week promoting the song on several radio and television stations in Jamaica, hoping to find the traction needed as they take it out on to the global stage.