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Kathy Grant trods Christian path - Says, "Fi mi mouth never join no church... So now dat it join, I have to live a life that's pleasing to the King,"

Published:Wednesday | March 15, 2017 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston
Kathy Grant
Kathy Grant in performance.


Many know her as the feisty, humorous character on the Ity and Fancy Cat Show, Kathy 'Tan Deh Deh' Grant.On the comedy circuit, her straight-faced, deadpan expression, as she delivered belly cracking jokes, is also another of her trademarks.

But there is something many of her fans do not know, and it is that she has totally surrendered her life to God.

Speaking on her life-changing transformation, she told The Gleaner, that she always knew or declared that she was going to be a minister at some point in her life.

"I just didn't know when. I had planned to get baptised after my wedding- shhhh- which is later down in the year. I always could feel the Lord's anointing whenever I sing a gospel song," she shared.

Her commitment was fast-tracked after she said a co-worker, gave her a message from God. For her, there was no putting off that all important decision.

"It was not like I didn't plan to, but not so soon. But, God has and have been doing so much for me, it was the least I could do. And personally, I do fear God. Me 'fraid a him like how Jamaicans 'fraid a tax increase!" she injected with a bit of humour.

Still, it is no joking matter, as she said the Christian battle is one she intends to win as she detests 'ordinary', something she finds boring.

"So therefore, I am going to put on the whole armour of God and get ready to save souls for Christ and fight the good fight. Right now, I want to be proclaimed as a warrior for Jesus Christ. Nuh inah no ordinary ting," Grant firmly stated.

With her commitment to following the Christian path, she says some "reconstruction" will have to be done regarding some of her performance sets, as she fully intends to continue doing stand-up comedy and acting. As she puts it, "God has a great sense of humour, he created Miss Jennifer the country helper," she said, with that mischievous smile on her face.

Grant, who attends the Harbour View Church of God, took her watery baptism on February 17 of this year.




A full-time teacher at Calabar Infant, Primary and Junior High, she also has hopes of pursuing ministry in the future, while admitting that she still has a far way to go career-wise as a stand-up comedian and actress.

Hailing from Liberty Hill, St Ann, Grant said she grew up with an affinity for the performing arts.

"Seeing people happy brought joy to my soul, and acting definitely did that. I never saw myself as a comedian, just a funny actor. But Ity and Blakka saw something in me that I didn't see.

"Ity, especially, literally forced me into comedy," she said. The rest where her impact on the show is concerned, is now history.

Enjoying her life and her new path, she says there is only one main challenge facing her trying to live her life in the spirit and not the flesh.

"I can't speak or react to a situation how I used to as a sinner, 'cause fi mi mouth never join no church! So now dat it join church, I therefore have to live a life that's pleasing to the King," she said.