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Relatives collect money to bury Edi Fitzroy

Published:Wednesday | March 15, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Edi Fitzroy

Following an impassioned plea for help to bury Edi Fitzroy, a member of the singer's family said that the late entertainer did not die penniless.

According to Ali Edwards, Edi Fitzroy's nephew, the Black Princess singer made preparations to be buried. He said that those plans were thrown off course when a conflict arose among family members about the singer's final resting place.

Edi Fitzroy died on March 4 in May Pen, Clarendon.

Trevor Elliot, who produced some of Fitzroy's biggest hits, including Princess Black, made an impassioned plea on Facebook for persons to reach out and assist the family with the funeral arrangements. Elliot described Fitzroy as a proud man and an artiste who rose to international acclaim and according to him Fitzroy should be given the burial he deserves.

However, Edwards said that money is available to bury the signer but said those funds are currently tied up as a result of a tug-o'-war between family members.

"I wouldn't say we're having problems coming up with the money," he told The Gleaner yesterday.

"They want to put the body somewhere else and not where uncle requested," he said. "We never planned for this, and so we are trying our best. Now we affi find it and it very hard," said Edwards.

He told The Gleaner that it will take approximately $1 million to bury Edi Fitzroy.

"Trevor Elliot, Edi's one-time producer, Hopeton Lindo and Phillip Salmon have come out and given a contribution. Everything nuh sort out yet, but that money go a far way in helping out with everything and mi give thanks," he said.

The date for Edi Fitzroy's funeral has been tentatively set for Sunday, March 26, at Stuart Hall, Clarendon College, Chapelton, Clarendon. His body is set to be interred in a family plot in Chapelton.