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Mother's Day Playlist

Published:Sunday | May 14, 2017 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle
Richie Stephens
Chris Martin kneels as he sings to a female fan.

Mothers hold a special place in the Jamaican society. They are considered to be the backbone of many families and are often lauded for their strength and nurturing ways. Since time immemorial, entertainers have used music to pay tribute to mothers.

There are so many songs expressing gratitude for the many sacrifices mothers make that this Mother's Day, The Sunday Gleaner decided to highlight a few. So today, whether your plans are to stay home and make dinner for your mom or to take her out for a relaxing day at the spa, here are a few of the tunes you can dedicate to your mom.

1. Garnett Silk - Mama

"Oh Mama, you can depend on me now,

Cause I've seen you've tried your best

Now it's up to me to do the rest."

2. Sizzla - Thank You Mama

"Thank you Mama for the nine months you carried me through,

All those pain and sufferings

No one knows the pressure You bear just

only you,

Give You all my love again."

3. Chris Martin- Mama

"Mommy me love,

There's nothing me put above you,

No house nor no girl nor no car,

Stand firm inna me life

Nothin no budge you,

From me born ah me and you ah par."

4. Gyptian - Mama Don't Cry

"So many times we go few days without food to eat, Mama.

So many nights we sleep in a bundle like a flock of sheep, Mama.

I know what it feels like to have my only shoes on my feet,

But Mama don't cry cuz I know I'm gonna make your bitter dirt sweet.

5. I Octane - Mama You Alone

"Hustle roun a Coronation market,

Know say it rough because she talk it.

Load from mama basket, strain her neck and now it mark it yea yea.

More time bare foot she affi walk it,

Still she stand firm like a forklift.

Know she nuh have it,

But we still a get we sweetie and we chocolate.

6. Vybz Kartel - Mama

"She never carry me fi one month,

She carry me fi nine.

Mi buy her the house before mi buy mine.

A she me gi mi heart and me mind,

Cause mommy nah go forsake me no time.

She teach me long time fi fight,

Fi fight for what's mine. Believe, believe in

you dreams."

7. Bounty Killer and Richie Spice - Mama's Love

"Mama you deserve a pot of gold.

You are the driving force inna me life.

Mama you deserve a pot of gold,

You taught me how to survive. Mama you deserve a pot of gold,

Your love has kept me alive.

Mama you're my number one girl, you're special to me."

8. Richie Spice - Mama

"She struggle like a real real soldier.

Just like a piece of Ethiopia, right here in Kingston, Jamaica.

From King Street to Princess Street,

Duke Street to Harbour Street,

Just to make two ends meet.

She never accept defeat, mama."

9. Tarrus Riley - My Mother

"I could never repay you for all the love you give to me and everything you've shown to me.

Now look at the man I've grown to be.

You love me unconditionally,

Step outta line, you straighten me.

No doubt you're worthy

And the least I can say to you is,

Thanks mom, mi mama, my mother."

10. Konshens - Mi Madda

"Some likkle man have up dem mother and dem a treat her like she small,

But the ratings weh mi have fi mi mother

ever tall

And it ever strong just like the great China wall.

Anything you need mama, fi mi name fuss

yuh fi call.

A you bare the pain mama, you feel the strain,

But yuh never complain, composure

you maintain."