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Guns in music videos NOT APPROVED

Published:Friday | July 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Shereece Hayden, 29
Tereisa Simpson, 23
Adrian Brown, 33
Ashwariya, 22
Javis Edwards, 23
Malik Ellis, 22
Nickoy Wilson, 23

With Alkaline and his management team recently being questioned by police about the display of guns in his controversial music video, After All, The Sunday Gleaner took to the streets to hear from members of the public what their thoughts were on guns being used as props in music videos.


Question: What do you think about artistes using guns as props in music videos?



Nickoy Wilson, 23: The use of guns as props in music videos highlights how desensitised we have become to tools that are used to commit violent acts. We have become so unbothered by it that it is no longer an issue that artistes are flaunting guns in music videos that children will end up watching. It is unfortunate to say the least.

Adrian Brown, 33: Artistes who pose with weapons in a music video affi be careful of the message they send to the youths of tomorrow. Is not everybody who adapt to the right thing or learn what is right. For me, based on the situation, it can be a wrong message sent. Nowadays, youth tend to believe and act so quickly. As people in society with such influence, they (artistes) have to be aware of what they do. So for me, it's inappropriate.

Malik Ellis, 22: It all depends on how they (artistes) use it and wah dem a use it do. If they are using it like a police an arrest a thief, then that okay, but the way Alka portray it inna fi him video, it wrong. Everything inna di video just wrong, although it is portraying what is happening in society right now. everybody know dem thing deh a gwaan, so displaying it publicly like that wrong.

Tereisa Simpson, 23: I think it is a bad idea for artistes to be using guns in music videos. They have fans (old and young) who look up to them and they are going to have some influence on them, no matter what, so I don't approve of it.

Shereece Hayden, 29: If artistes use guns as props in their music videos, they must remember that they are role models for a lot of people. The content that they are putting out there is very impacting, and it's reaching a wide cross section of youths.

Ashwariya, 22: Guns in music videos, whether real or fake, is setting a bad example for young people. Music videos are mostly watched by young people, and when they see that, they'll feel like it's okay to have a gun.

Javis Edwards, 23: It's a two-sided street I think. In the society that we live in today, guns are glorified, so most of these videos are based upon what is happening in society. But at the same time, these videos are giving Jamaica and dancehall music a bad image when they put these things out there like that. If I'm a tourist and I see these videos, I wouldn't want to visit Jamaica or listen to dancehall music because it portrays too much violence. It is also bad because our children glorify these artistes, so they will emulate what they do and think that it is right.

Crystal Campbell, 22: For me, I think the use of guns as props in music videos to a greater extent has a negative impact on some of the youths. Some of these artistes are seen as role models to these youths and they will develop a mindset that this type of lifestyle is ideal and will aim for such.

- Shereita Grizzle