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Getting fashionable for Independence

Published:Thursday | August 3, 2017 | 12:00 AMStephanie Lyew
Camelia Campbell-Linton does last minute shopping for material to make a dress for Independence Day.
Owen Dawkins gets his Jamaica branded gear for Grand Gala.
This woman views Jamaican wear on display.
Coleen 'Zela' Mills, nail technician on Barry Street, Kingston, shares why she thinks persons are not wearing Jamaican colours for 'Emancipendence'.

It appears that not many persons are dashing about seeking to get a fashionable in the national colours, for festival.

"The excitement does not exist anymore," said Coleen Mills, a nail technician on Barry Street in downtown, Kingston.

"We just want to know is holiday time and do our work to live. If somebody requests a design with the national colours it can be done, but nobody ask fi di past couple years," she continued.

Jamaica will on Sunday celebrate 55 years as an independent nation. The period coincides with the 2017 World Championships in London where Usain Bolt will run his last race. However, despite the significance of the period, there have not been many persons who have been donning black, gold and green.

"Over the last couple years, people have been wearing what they feel to wear for Emancipation and Independence celebrations. Store sales are standard as persons seek Jamaica branded clothing all year round," said Marcos Handal Jnr, manager of Broadway Surprise.

Owen Dawkins, who was seen shopping for Jamaican wear for the Grand Gala, was disappointed that he did not see more Jamaicans wearing the national colours.

"Throughout my visit, I don't see enough persons wearing the colours, which I think represents the love and respect of our country, not just at Independence," said Dawkins. "Persons should make the effort to represent as a nation."