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Bolt's showmanship on track will be missed

Published:Thursday | August 3, 2017 | 12:00 AMCurtis Campbell

Legendary athlete Usain Bolt has brought more to the sport than just new world records. The athlete is known for his sense of humour, his showmanship and certainly his side court theatrics, which have collectively made his races both exciting and memorable and perhaps drives fear into his competitors.

DJ Sunshine believes Bolt's personality is good for branding, she also pointed out that such a unique personality is hard to duplicate.

"He is a great showman, we have to thank him for his talent and what he brought to the sport. He is a partyman, so at the end of his races and even before they start, viewers brace themselves for his dances and he always delivers that sort of entertainment and we are thankful for that," she said.


Just being himself


The producer also said Bolt can be imitated but never duplicated.

"A lot of athletes internationally have tried to follow Bolt's style of entertainment on the track, but they just look awkward, because Bolt is not trying ... he is just being himself. It has also helped to boost his endorsement deals, but other athletes should just be themselves, because if you are not a showman, you just aren't," she said.

Usain Bolt's decision to use L.A. Lewis' word, 'sobolious', to describe his emotions in an international post race interview, later saw the word being selected by The Gleaner, as one of the most used slangs in dancehall in 2010. Described by the urban dictionary as meaning "when you are above all; bigger than your surroundings'', L.A Lewis said Bolt's decision to use the word internationally, gave it new life.

"I made a world called 'Usainable' and that means to be ahead of your time. But Usain decided to use the word Sobolious and that was fine because it applies to a person of his status. He is a natural winner who is bigger than his surroundings. After he broke the world record and told the commentator that he felt Sobolious, a lot of people started to follow, even Portia Simpson. The world was watching and so he gave it a global look," he said.


'The Usain Bolt Show'


Selector/artiste CD Banging says track and field can easily be called 'The Usain Bolt Show'. According to him, Bolt's behaviour on the track, not only drives fear in his competitors, but inspires his fellow teammates.

"I hear Yohan Blake say Bolt is his biggest influence because his personality makes him feel less pressure, because he adds laughter to the sport. He lights up the stadium and that is why thousands of people turn out in the stadiums to see him, it's not only for the running, it's a show," he said.

CD Banging also said the athlete deserves credit for his role in taking Jamaica's musical culture along his journey to the top of track and field. Bolt's decision to do the Gully Creature dance move, also saw the dance breaking internationally and made slain dancer Ice a superstar before his death.