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5 questions with Sheldon Shepherd

Published:Thursday | August 31, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Sheldon Shepherd (left), Everaldo Creary (centre) and Richard Orgill in a scene from 'Better Mus' Come'.
(From left) Sheldon Shepherd and Everaldo Creary invite newcomer Volente (centre) to join them on stage.

No-Maddz Bongo Band member Sheldon Shepherd, known for his roles in Better Mus' Come and Locked Up Abroad. He recently finished a shoot, which sees him playing one of the lead characters in the feature film Yardie, which is directed by international movie star and musician Idris Elba.

Here are five questions with Sheldon Shepherd:

1. What is the silliest thing you have done on a set?

I am not easily embarrassed, but while on set in Kingston for the film Yardie, the production crew informed me that I had wrapped a scene, and so I walked off set to my son, who I had brought to the set that day.

Shortly after, the crew said I was actually back on, so I decided to vent to my son; got into a weird character with an accent and started making complaints (like someone disappointed with having to go back on set).

Everyone found it funny, but when I turned around, Idris Elba was standing right behind me, watching me. I couldn't say anything as I was actually throwing words at him, so I just stopped talking and walked out kinda feeling a way about the whole thing.

2. You make a joke in a group and nobody hears. A few seconds later, someone else makes the same joke, how do you react?

Jah know! It depends on how high in the moment I am feeling. I would probably internalise and say to myself, 'That was my joke!', or just enjoy his version and pretend it wasn't my joke.

3. What is your favourite book to read to your son?

I have two favourite books. One is my own book of poems, In the Morning Yah, and Irie Morning by Alison Moss-Solomon, which is about a family with a mother, father and son. The son refuses to get out of bed, while the parents try show him there is a world out there to discover. My son has the book memorised, but it is still a fun read.

4. Name three places you would like to go that you have never been before.

I. Africa - I had made arrangements to visit, but while in the airport in Washington, DC, I was informed that I needed six months on my passport to enter Ghana. My passport would have, indeed, expired in five months.

II. I would like to go deep-sea diving with a competent team. I have scuba-dived before, but never to the depths of the ocean.

III. To a place of enlightenment, where there is balance and freedom from things that do not serve you (I wish that for most persons).

5. What is the strangest dream you have ever had?

I don't think I can share that dream, but one dream that was strange and very memorable was one I had while living in Franklin Town. We always share duppy stories, especially sharing a room and beds with family members. That night, I slept on a mattress on the floor and dreamt that the duppy pulled me through the mattress beyond the floor and challenged me to a fight. I woke up out of the dream literally shaking off the duppy.