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Tyler Perry joins US$1m Harvey gift club

Published:Sunday | September 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Tyler Perry
Sandra Bullock
In this aerial photo taken on Friday, homes sit in floodwaters caused by Tropical Storm Harvey in Port Arthur, Texas.
Singers Pharrell Williams, (left) and Miley Cyrus performing together.

Tyler Perry has donated US$1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The 47 year-old actor has pledged the huge sum after the tropical storm ripped through parts of Texas, killing at least 44 people and destroying 100,000 homes. He insists his gesture is about "helping people" rather than trying to look good.

Perry said: "I'm giving UD$1 million and I'm not saying that boastfully so somebody can say, 'Tyler gave US$1 million.' That's not what this is about at all, this is about helping people."

"I've been burned in the past. If you want to give make sure you're giving to people who are giving the monies to the people who need it."

Tyler is donating US$500,000 to some unnamed charities, US$250,000 to Beyonce's pastor Rudy Rasmus' Bread of Life Hurricane Relief Fund, and another US$250,000 to Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church to help with the relief effort in Houston.

Joel has come under fire for not opening up his huge church earlier to help shelter those whose homes have been damaged by the natural disaster, but Tyler has defended him and wife Victoria, insisting they are "amazing people".

Speaking in a Facebook video, he added: "I was trying to find the right charities to donate to. I was looking for people I can trust, people that I know are going to do the right thing."

"I know there has been some controversy about Joel Osteen and him not opening the doors of the church. Let me tell you something, Joel and Victoria are amazing people.

"There is no way they would lock people out of the church. There were some safety concerns. I spoke to them on the phone, it all made perfect sense to me."

Tyler is not the only star to have pledged US$1 million to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Sandra Bullock have donated the sum, and Ellen DeGeneres teamed up with Walmart to give the same amount.

Miley Cyrus has donated US$500,000 to the cause and was delighted to be able to help. She said: "I'm really happy to help in whatever way I can."