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MAPS delivers at Marley Beach

Published:Thursday | October 5, 2017 | 12:07 AM
From left: Gal pals Danielle Howe, Denyque Mullings and Nicole Thompson, sharing lens time at the recent Music and Pool Series (MAPS).
Singer and songwriter Aria Lopez looking fashionable when she attended the recent Music and Pool Series held at Marley Beach.
Deija Welds, store manager at Watts New, looking radiant as she flaunt a smile for our camera.
Denise Montague of Animal Instinct shows off her beautiful smile of our camera lens.
Jodiann Robinson, rocking her Vain Obsession design swimsuit to perfection, was spotted at the recent MAPS held in Marley Beach, St Mary.

Music and Pool Series (MAPS) surpassed expectations, as usual, when it was staged at Marley Beach in Boscobel, St Mary, recently.

As patrons walked into the venue, they could feel the excitement. A lot of thought also went into the design and layout of the venue - the VIP section was beautifully decorated with white draperies which contributed to the delicate decor and ambience of the area with a breathtaking view of the ocean and the sunset that was about to happen. Two tents were erected to house the wide array of scrumptious food to choose from, catered by Terrace Bar and Grill. Black Tie Entertainment, a sponsor of the event, was praised for a job well done.

Lit signs with the main sponsors, Boom and Luc Belaire, were visible all around, adding to the mood and excitement of the event. One of the main features of the layout was the water bungalows, which were built in the water to ensure persons were still able to get in and out, with easy access to the signature swim up bar.




Team Shella 'shelled' as usual with a mixture of gimmicks and music selections entertaining the patrons. Paul Michael brought patrons back in time with some old dancehall and reggae hit music as he worked way up to current music, giving us a taste of all genres.

Coppershot closed out the night with a compilation of some of the hottest tracks in music. The team of selectors had patrons rocking, dipping, twerking, and had some 'busting out' moves. Many could be seen 'flinging shoulder', doing the 'LOL' and 'Tom Cruising' throughout the venue. One of the songs which got constant 'pull up' was the new trending Kartel single, Mhmm Hmmm, which seemed to send many into a frenzy, as some sang word-for-word.

Overall, MAPS was a success. Despite the rain, patrons left feeling satisfied, some dripping from head to toe, while others waltzed their way out of the venue.

"We take pride in our brand and we had to ensure we created and executed a memorable experience that would leave a lasting impact on our patrons. The positive feedback continues to motivate the team and we look forward to delivering more events like this one. Thank you to all our sponsors and loyal patrons who continue to support this dream, and we look forward to seeing you at the next stop," said Cadeem Mullings, director at Encore Entertainment.

MAPS heads to South Florida on November 19 and promises to deliver once again.